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3 Reasons To Use High-CBD Hemp Flowers In Your Joints

Written by Jack Woodhouse

Smoking joints is a favored pastime of many cannabis consumers. The act of rolling up a joint and kicking back to smoke can be therapeutic in itself.

And now that people are becoming more aware of the other cannabinoids besides THC – the one gets you high – no longer is the focus just on getting as stoned as possible.

In Europe, where most forms of cannabis are illegal, a new industry has sprouted up based around CBD-rich hemp flowers, or buds. This has allowed cannabis smokers the opportunity to mix their usual high-THC weed with high-CBD hemp flowers. And it’s winning a lot of smokers over.

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Yes, you can smoke hemp

While hemp has long been dismissed by cannabis lovers as useful for many purposes, just not smoking, that is changing. Farmers are now cultivating varieties of legal “industrial” hemp plants for their CBD-rich flowers.

These buds are identical to regular weed in pretty much every way, except they have very small amounts of THC, which is why they are legal. They can also be smoked much like regular weed, offering non-intoxicating yet very relaxing and enjoyable effects.

Here’re 2 reasons why you should roll joints with CBD hemp flowers:

  1. A healthy alternative to tobacco

Tobacco is seriously harmful. We all know this. Unfortunately, however, tobacco is also highly addictive. With this in mind, CBD hemp flowers can make a great substitute for tobacco and can even help you kick the tobacco habit. Your lungs will thank you.

2. Good for daytime

Due to CBD’s calm-inducing qualities, mixing your joints with high-CBD hemp buds can make the high less intense, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Perfect for a morning or daytime smoke when you don’t want to get too stoned.

3. CBD counteracts the negative effects of THC

A number of scientific studies have shown CBD to offset the negative effects of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety. While not everyone suffers from these effects when they consume THC, many do. If you do, mixing some CBD hemp buds in with your regular high-strength weed will reduce your anxiety and help you to enjoy your high.

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