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3 Reasons Why Smoking Marijuana Light Is Better Than The Real Thing

Written by Jack Woodhouse

For a lot of people, smoking hemp buds, or ‘marijuana light’ as it has been termed, is superior to the real thing. I’m sure that many cannabis veterans will scoff at this notion; “What’s the point? It doesn’t get you high!” they’ll proclaim. And for the majority of cannabis users, their arguments will resonate.

However, thanks to modern medical developments in cannabis science revealing the tremendous health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the way people use cannabis is evolving. Not all cannabis consumers want the psychotropic effects that come with THC. Some just want the potent anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects of CBD.

CBD Buds vs CBD Oil

Well, that’s what CBD oil is for, right? Sure, the oil is great. But some of us still enjoy smoking or vaping, which is not only enjoyable but also efficient, effective and fast-acting. Plus, for many who have experience smoking cannabis, the act of rolling up and sitting back with a joint is still attractive.

And while smoking a joint of what is effectively hemp (simply low-THC cannabis grown under license) won’t get you high, it can still offer a profound sense of relaxation and calm. Some even describe a type of ‘body high’ that envelops them.

Recreational vs Medicinal

So if people aren’t smoking it to get stoned, does that mean smoking so-called ‘marijuana light’ is not recreational and is purely medicinal? Well, not quite. Many healthy people enjoy smoking CBD-rich hemp and do it simply for that reason. Many others use it to reduce anxiety or pain or to treat other medical conditions.

It seems a lot of hemp bud smokers are ex-weed smokers who found that after several years of smoking, THC-rich varieties no longer agreed with them. Many of them stopped smoking cannabis due to the paranoia and anxiety it produced. However, many still like the idea of smoking, and CBD-rich hemp buds give them the chance to once again enjoy the relaxing effects of cannabis.

Essentially, it matters little why people are consuming it. What we know for sure is that CBD and hemp are becoming extremely popular all over Europe and the U.S. In fact, with a new farm bill that will completely legalize industrial hemp soon going to the Senate floor, the domestic U.S. hemp and CBD industries are set to explode. And hemp flowers will play a big part in that growth.  

Some of the upsides of smoking ‘marijuana light’ over standard weed:

  1. It doesn’t get you high. That means you can carry on your day as usual, go to work, and not worry about red eyes, while also holding intellectual conversations without losing your train of thought.
  2. CBD offers numerous health benefits. It’s most well-researched benefits are its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects. Although there are plenty more.
  3. It’s legal. Therefore, there is no need to fear getting caught with it or testing positive for THC.

If you are just learning about ‘marijuana light’ for the first time, and wondering if it’s worth it, consider the above reasons for why it might actually be a better option for you than the ‘real thing’.

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