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5 Of The Best CBD Seeds And Where To Find Them

Written by Jack Woodhouse

For a long time, cultivating cannabis has been with one main aim in mind: to produce high THC levels. That is now changing, however…

Thanks to the explosion in demand for CBD and CBD-containing products over recent years, many growers are now looking to maximize the CBD content of their plants. CBD-rich cannabis has been claimed to help with many medical conditions, from epilepsy and anxiety to pain and PTSD.

But where can you find the best CBD-rich seeds? And what strains should you choose? Let’s take a look at five of the best CBD seeds and where you can get them…

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Therapy CBD

Therapy CBD seeds
Therapy CBD seeds

Therapy CBD is a high-CBD popular. This strain is suitable for a wide range of ailments, with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20. 

Flavour: Earthy, Fruity

Effect: Body, Calming, Relaxing, Soothing

Where to find Therapy CBD seeds? CBD Crew’s Therapy CBD is sold by Seedsman.

Get Therapy CBD seeds


ACDC is one of the most well-known CBD strains. You can expect a CBD-dominant cannabinoid profile of as much as 20:1.

Where to find ACDC seeds? It’s a phenotype of Cannatonic bred by Resin Seeds in Spain.


This is sativa-dominant strain that offers high-THC and medium CBD. A 5:2 CBD to THC ratio is not unusual, with CBD often reaching as high as 17%.

Where to find Harlequin seeds? Created by House of David Collective, you can find Harlequin seeds at any good seed banks.  


This high-CBD strain is a ACDC and Harlequin hybrid with a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Where to find Candida seeds? Medical Marijuana Genetics

Atlant CBD

This strain claims to top out at a whopping 21% CBD.

Where to find Atlant CBD seeds? VIP Seeds

Dinamed CBD

This strain that produces almost no THC and consistently more than 10% CBD, making it particularly attractive to those who desire little to no psychotropic effects.

Where to find Dinamed CBD seeds?

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  • Could you PLEASE give me the name of a seed bank that carries Harlequin? I need the seeds shipped to America, so if you know of an American seed bank that would be perfect.

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