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Regular Cannabis Use Makes You A Better Mother, Do You Agree?

Written by Corre Addam

If drinking a glass of wine at the end of a long day or enjoying an ice-cold beer is acceptable, why not use cannabis to make you a better mother?

As a general rule of thumb, smoking a joint near the kids at bath time is frowned upon, and that’s partly the result of many long years of prohibition and taboo attitudes when it comes to cannabis. Then there’s the secondary smoke factor, the potential effects on the kids, and a parent’s conduct when medicated.

However, according to one California mom called Kaycee Bawdon, cannabis and playing mommy go well together. Kaycee said that when she and her mommy buddies get together for play dates with the kids, they often opt for some cannabis over that glass of wine.

Kaycee spoke in detail to Maria Shriver’s TODAY Tuesday, telling her,

“Mommy needs a joint just as much as mommy needs a glass of wine,. You can still be a good parent and use marijuana at the same time.”

Furthermore, according to Kaycee, who is 30, her friends use cannabis to treat pain, help manage stress and anxiety, and surprisingly, to boost productivity. Seeing as recreational and medical cannabis are both legal in the State of California, no laws are being broken here.

Another cannamom, Elizabeth Orduno, who also featured on the show told Shriver,

“I can smoke it and go clean my whole house and do all my laundry and just get everything done.”

Kaycee, who opened her own blog called “The Cannavist Mom,” herself suffers from migraines and says prescription pills left her feeling foggy and bizarre.

Not everyone is on-board with the CannaMoms phenomenon though, like Dr. Larissa Mooney of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, who said, “One’s reaction time may be slowed, ability to respond in an emergency, coordination may be impaired. “Smoking is inherently unhealthy, and by sending the message that we’re smoking something to take the edge off or to cope with pain, that sends a message to our children.”

Indeed Dr Mooney makes a valid point, but what about the thousands of moms who medicate with alcohol to numb their pain, or even worse are addicted to prescription medication, opioids, SSRI’s and other dangerous brain-chemical altering drugs? Surely the occasional joint is less harmful to all than those substances.

For Kaycee, the end game is to make cannabis use among moms normal in California, and not something that needs to bear a perhaps unwarranted stigma.

“I feel like people think that marijuana makes you lazy, it doesn’t. I’m out there, playing with my kids, and we’re just that normal family.”

Image credit: Pixabay

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