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Study: CBD Decreases Incision Pain During Surgery

Written by Corre Addam

Research published in Frontiers in Pharmacology shows that cannabidiol (CBD) can attenuate pain caused by incisions, such as in surgical procedures

The study, conducted at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, investigated the effect of CBD administered either into the body or directly into the brain of rats using a postoperative pain model. Significant pain relief was found, serving as a valuable step along the way to expanding the medical uses of CBD.

Pain is complex, involving many regions of the brain and with a distinct emotional aspect, too: persistent pain is frequently accompanied by negative emotions such as anxiety. The endocannabinoid (eCB, those cannabinoids produced by the body) system regulates a broad range of physiological processes and has received significant attention as a target for pain management.

Unlike THC, Cannabidiol, CBD, does not interact very strongly with the cannabinoid receptors, instead enhancing signalling of the eCB system, helping to prevent its inactivation. Given this, along with the broad role of eCB and studies suggesting CBD to be safe and well tolerated, it could be a promising strategy for not just pain but other conditions, such as inflammatory diseases or depression.

Research published in 2015 found an anti-anxiety effect of CBD and a critical modulatory role of the ACC in the effects of CBD, and lesions of the rACC eliminate an aversiveness to spontaneous neuropathic pain.

At the very least, since CBD acts at brain regions that contribute to pain suppression, presumably by reducing the distress that accompanies pain, it remains quite possible that CBD has value beyond literal pain alleviation and could eliminate or attenuate the negative emotions that accompany persistent pain, offering relief for many.

CBD is also natural and considered to be 100% holistic, with little-to-no negative side effects. That it could potentially be used in medical surgeries, in favor of chemical-based drugs, is a bug plus for those patients who prefer natural medicines over pharmaceuticals.

(Original Article Credit: Samuel Cronin – Cannatech.News – July 21, 2017)

[Image credit- Pixabay]

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