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CBD For Insomnia: How I Slept Like A Baby For The First Time In Years

CBD For Insomnia, how I slept like a baby for the first time in years
Written by Corre Addam

Anyone who suffers from insomnia will tell you just how hard life can be when you don’t ever got a proper night’s sleep…

Unfortunately, this writer has suffered from insomnia and restlessness at night for more than a decade. Sure valium and other chemicals from the doctor helped short-term, but it always felt more like a shallow zombie sleep than a healthy deep sleep, which I remember with some bittersweet nostalgia from my childhood. Then I thought about an article I read about CBD for insomnia…

As I don’t take prescription meds as a general rule, especially as I found the sleeping pills made me drowsy and moody during the day, I have found medical cannabis to be a great tool in my arsenal when it comes to fighting the sleeplessness demons who come out at night to haunt me. Taking cannabis about an hour before bedtime (not that an insomniac like me has a bedtime) often relaxes me and allows me to enter into a deeper and more restful sleep.

However, I often find myself being “too high” to actually drift off to sleep, and as a cannabis writer with 28 years experience in the world of weed, I know why. It’s due to the high-THC, low-CBD levels in the marijuana of today. If you don’t know the difference, basically, THC is the compound in cannabis that makes you feel high, while CBD is the medicinal, non-active compound which counteracts things like insomnia and pain.

When I was in my twenties, there was no high-grade, high-THC cannabis where I lived, and me and my buddies relied on good old fashioned “Thai Sticks” to get us high of a Saturday night. These Thai Sticks came from Thailand, obviously, and, we know now, were roughly equal in THC and CBD content. I remember the medicinal feeling I got from those Thai Sticks, a lot more fondly than I recall some memories of being too high from the latest high-THC Skunk strain.

CBD for insomnia: it’s working!

CBD + Melatonine For Sleep Softgels. CBD for insomnia?

CBD + Melatonine For Sleep Softgels. CBD for insomnia?

Just two weeks ago, I was given my first bottle of sublingual CBD Oil, as a sample to try (being a cannabis writer does have its advantages you know.) It was about 11pm and I was entering my usual night time funk of being overtired, but unable to relax my mind and sleep. I opened sesame and squirted two squirts (equivalent to a dose of 12mg of pure CBD, apparently) into my mouth, the flavor reminiscent of a nutty kind of olive oil – not unpleasant, if a little weird, and a bit sour. I felt nothing, at first…

Perhaps being a cannabis user for nearly 30 years, I was expecting some kind of sensation or feeling. It never came. I awoke the next day and squirt squirt, washing it down with a big gulp of coffee. Then the most remarkable thing happened…

I had a stressful personal situation which usually would have sent my blood pressure skyrocketing and left me tending to the wounds of my new “bad mood” for the rest of the day. But this day was different. The otherwise stressful personal situation washed over me, I dealt with it, and moved on seamlessly with my day. “That was weird,” I thought.

That evening, around bedtime, I took my new CBD for insomnia Oil, finding myself growing fonder of the taste, and kind of enjoying the gelatinous, nutty oily sensation in my mouth. I felt tired, like really tired, and drifted off into what I can only describe as the best sleep of my life, for 9 hours solid – “unprecedented!” I thought…

I even felt that real deep tiredness when I awoke in the morning, and felt I wanted to return to the Land of Nod for another nine hours. However, when I got up, I didn’t have that groggy tired feeling I used to get from the prescription meds. Instead I felt invigorated and alive, ready and willing to face the day ahead. Could it be that CBD for insomnia was working?

The other thing is, that I suffer from pretty bad and neck pain, constantly (such is the fate of so many writers these days) Is it a coincidence that my pain is at least 50% less over the past two weeks? Could it be the deep sleeps? Or the CBD oils doing its magic on my old and weary joints? I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care – I simply know I feel on top of the world, and i’m betting it’s the CBD. Especially seeing as I haven’t changed any other factors in my life since my little experiment started.

“Long may it continue,” is all I can say for now, as I find my new CBD health supplement to actually be working. As opposed to all the others in its wake which did not. As such, I am now on a mission to get all my friends and family to try CBD, and that obviously also  applies to my readers.

If you want to try CBD, and want to ensure you are getting the best quality product and the best price, I highly recommend following CBD Testers , as the perfect starting point for you.

If you want to know more about CBD for insomnia – Check out this quick and informative video:

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