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How Do CBD Testers Approve CBD Suppliers And Products?

Written by Corre Addam

When it comes to medicine and health supplements, there can be no substitute for quality. So how is a new CBD user to know which products relieve symptoms and which do not?…

Factors like price, CBD content, accurate labelling, among others are vital when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on CBD. With the myriads of CBD offers and deals available online, it can get confusing, and can leave some feeling despondent.

That’s where the CBD Testers Program comes in – Having had enough of substandard CBD products ourselves, we decided it was high time we did something about it, and we are happy to share our newfound knowledge and expertise with our forum members, as well as the public at large.

How CBD Testers Approves New Suppliers

Before any CBD products are sent out as samples or directly to our community members, they undergo a robust and rigorous approval process, that 100% removes the guesswork for you when it comes to choosing the best quality CBD. Let’s take a closer look at how we pre-approve your products for you:

  • We verify that all of our approved CBD suppliers purchase their raw materials from reliable source such as the EU and the US.
  • We confirm that US-based manufacturers avoid growers and raw material manufacturers from third world countries where genetically modified hemp and low quality raw materials are common.
  • We verify that raw materials being used for CBD products do not exceed the upper limits for heavy metals and pesticides. 
  • We test our CBD suppliers’ product samples in-house before enabling potential suppliers to apply for our internal certification process.
  • All potential certified suppliers complete a detailed quality questionnaire in order to verify the company has a robust internal quality management system.
  • In cases where our quality questionnaire stage is completed successfully, suppliers send us their own product samples analysis certificates for review. We ensure this followed the correct lab path
  • Suppliers’ CBD product testing certificates such as Cannabinoids & Terpenoids assays, residual solvents, heavy metals, microbial level and others certificates are reviewed thoroughly to ensure they meet the required release specifications. Moreover- we check every product label prior to approval.
  • In cases where product analysis results met specification, supplier sign Quality Agreements with us, which detail all our safety and quality principles and standards to ensure you will constantly receive safer, pharma-grade high-quality CBD products.

Here are other ways in which CBD Testers ensure our community get the best CBD products at discount prices

  • All suppliers are obligated to verify that their product batches provided through CBD Testers are released properly and that all correct analysis were performed, ensuring that release specifications are met.
  • Once we approve CBD suppliers they are obligated to give ongoing discounts to our for CBD Testers community. This is achieved by gaining purchasing power for group buys, ensuring best quality, and reasonably priced CBD products. 
  • After a new supplier has been approved, we follow up with them to ensure their paperwork is updated annually.

Quality Over Price When It Comes To CBD

Sure there’s always that “too good to be true” deal out there on the world wide web, and it usually is just that. But when it comes to health supplements like CBD, there’s no room for error, and the last thing you should do is compromise on quality. Always make sure you use approved CBD products, according to criteria like the ones mentioned above. You can go for the cheap stuff, but you do so at your own peril, especially in a so-far under regulated market.

What Are The Hazards Of Buying CBD Online From Unapproved Suppliers?

When you buy anything online, you don’t get to physically touch the product you are buying. When it comes to CBD, the label information is all-important, and if you don’t get to inspect that, as well as the product itself, you are relying on someone else to make that decision for you. If you’re a really trusting person that could work for you. However, in the world of medicine and wellbeing, one needs to go that extra mile to ensure they are getting the very best, for themselves. The rigorous CBD Testers vetting process eliminates 100% of the worry for new or old CBD users, leaving you to enjoy your product with total peace of mind, and at great prices.

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Interested In Becoming An Approved CBD Testers Supplier?

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