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Become A CBD Testers Verified Supplier

Do you have quality CBD products to sell?
Do you want quality media coverage for your brand and products?
Do you want to expand your business and gain lots of new customers?
Do you need assistance in introducing your products to the right people?

If you are a CBD supplier or manufacturer, with high-quality CBD products, by becoming a verified supplier for The CBD Testers Program, you have a unique opportunity to strengthen your brand, improve your media coverage, build trust and introduce your products to new potential clients.

The CBD Testers Program, managed by, is a community of CBD users who wish to try, review and buy high-quality CBD products.  Each CBD Tester is required to complete a detailed questionnaire about the products they try, and in exchange, they receive free samples. Our members trust us to introduce them to the very best quality CBD products for their specific medical condition.

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Advantages of becoming a CBD Testers Verified Supplier

  • Deliver the right message to your clients, build trust and get professional media coverage.
  • Expand into new markets with the help of an unlimited supply of new potential clients, eager to test your products.
  • Make an awesome first impression and strengthen your brand.
  • Get direct feedback from clients, allowing you to improve your products, test new ones and match client’s demands with specific products.
  • Enjoy being ‘CBD Testers Verified’, a seal of Quality Assurance consumers can trust and look for the next time they go shopping for their CBD products.

In addition, we will assist you in improving your products’ quality 

  • Improve your products’ quality, safety and efficacy to pharma-grade and establish an advanced and effective Quality Management System.
  • Be prepared for future regulations with the help of our QA and GMP experts.
  • Reduce the risk of product recalls.

We are looking for strong and motivated partners to join forces with us…

Click HERE to Become A CBD Testers Verified Supplier now!