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70 Percent Of Online CBD Products Are Fake

Fake CBD Products
Written by Corre Addam

A new study has found that nearly 70 percent of CBD products sold online contained either higher or lower concentrations of the medicine that specified on the label. Fake CBD Products…

And if Fake CBD products wasn’t a problematic enough issue, the study also found that many of these ‘pure CBD’ products actually contained THC, the cannabis compound that makes you high. As the author of the study out of the University of Pennsylvania, Marcel Bonn-Miller, told reporters, “Parents could be giving their kids THC without knowing it.”

The study was an interesting and very revealing one, as Bonn-Miller and his colleagues spent four weeks researching the web for quality CBD products. They purchased 84 of these products from 31 companies and analyzed them all. The result were stanning: fake CBD products were all over the place.

Fake CBD Products

Fake CBD Products are all over the place…

Shockingly, they found that at least 42 percent of the CBD products they purchased contained a higher concentration of CBD than was stated on the label. More than that, they also found that 26 percent of the products contained a lower concentration of CBD than stated.

While Bonn-Miller isn’t concerned about patients overdosing from CBD, he and his are concerned that some patients are getting ripped off, as they aren’t receiving the CBD concentration that they paid for. Bonn-Miller said, “Say I have a kid with seizures who’s in really bad shape, and I ordered some CBD oil as a last-ditch attempt to treat them. If I happened to order something that has hardly any CBD in it, that’s a problem. Number one, I might not be getting any therapeutic effect, and number two I’m probably spending a decent amount of money for CBD that I’m not actually getting.”

The researchers concluded that the many inconsistencies on packaging were due to a lack of regulation from the FDA. According to Bonn-Miller, the way to avoid buying mislabeled CBD products is to check your sources, “The first step is ordering products from reputable sources or getting advice from other people you trust.”

That’s why we have started CBD Testers for…

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  • Adam, Good article. As a producer of High CBD whole plant tinctures I do test my tinctures for cannabinoid levels which I put on my label. Alot of CBD oil (from hemp) does not do this sort of labeling and most are very vague as to what you are actually getting.
    How do I find out more about the CBD testers program..any contact info?
    Thank you,

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