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Top 10 Most Unique Cannabis Products

Written by Joe Powers

What was the first “most interesting” little fact you remember learning about cannabis? Like, the one mind blowing statement of truth that is hard to wrap your mind around? 

This one piece of bizarre truth is that hemp and cannabis have over 50,000 industrial uses. When we stop for a moment and think about what this might actually mean, it almost brings pain to the brain. I mean, come on, how can hemp have 50,000 uses!? What does that even mean?

What this means is that hemp could quite literally replace all modern “things.” Hemp has the ability to get shaped into any form the modern world has produced, in theory. And now, here are the latest interesting inventions the cannabis community imagined into existence.

#1 Cannabis Infused Toothpicks

Kush Creams, a Seattle-based cannabis company, has brought to life a discrete medicated toothpick. Nicknamed the “walking stick” is great to consume in all location.

#2 Cannabis Infused Toothpaste

Axim Biotechnologies has recently released a toothpaste that’s infused with cannabis. Containing CBG (Cannabigerol), which is a well-known anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. These healing properties make cannabis toothpaste a practical addition to your daily routine.

#3 “All-In-One” Portable Smoking Kit

Self-billed as the “Swiss Army Knife Of Portable Smoking,” Smocan has done the impossible. An awesome pocket-sized gadget for the serious consumers who can’t, or won’t, travel without their cannabis. Contains a smell-proof grinder, chamber to store small amounts of weed, poker, pipe holder, and light. Everything you need to get what you need. 

#4 The Cannabis Frost Pipe

What would it be like to smoke from a pipe made COMPLETELY out of ice? Now you can, for only $25 you can buy the “ice-mold” that makes you your very own ice-pipe. All you need to do is add water into the mold and let it freeze. BOOM! You now have a 100% ice pipe. 

#5 Cannabis-Infused “Drink-Spiker”

Containing 100 mg of THC per bottle, Winterlife Cannabis has crafted “drink spikers.” Available in three flavors; Tangerine Bourbon, Blackberry Gin, and Ginger Lime Highball.

They also produce seven different flavors that are half CBD and half THC.

#6 Cannabis Coffee Pods

Love coffee? Love cannabis? Why not combine the two and make a single serving Keurig coffee pod!? With cannabis companies like Jane’s Brew or BrewBudz, this is a reality. Cannabis coffee pods never made waking and baking sound so good.

#7 Cannabis Caviar

Self-proclaimed the “crème de la crème” or, the “Caviar” of cannabis. This unique product is hand-trimmed cannabis that gets dipped in CO2 cannabis oil and rolled in terpene-rich Dry Ice Hash. Other names it goes by are Moonrocks, Lava, and Napom. Meant to be consumed in those high-class situations.

#8 Cannabis Infused Bison Jerky

Cannabis Queen Jerky makes this product stands out because its made with free-range bison meat and then gets infused with THC. The oil used gets extracted in their facilities. Using premium quality sativa dominant hybrids. Each bite is infused with 10 mg of THC. Available flavors include Hot & Spicy or Teriyaki.

#9 Cannabis Personal Lubricant

Foria makes a personal lubricant, infused with THC, that’s marketed to women. Apply and wait 15 minutes for the effects to take hold.

#10 Cannabis Suppositories

Once they start making a cannabis-infused pill you can insert into your rectum, they have officially created everything. What makes Koda’s cannabis-infused suppositories unique is via the increase of bioavailability. Taking cannabis this method increases the number of cannabinoids that get into your system.

What other unique and interesting products have you come across? Please let us know in the comments below.

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