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CBD Treatment Reduces Stress and Anxiety in Dogs During Car Rides, Study Reveals

CBD Treatment Reduces Stress and Anxiety in Dogs During Car Rides
Written by PsychePen

The study suggested that a daily dose of 4mg/kg of CBD might have a mild anxiolytic effect on dogs during car travel.

A recent study by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute in the United Kingdom has found that dogs receiving daily doses of CBD experience significant reductions in stress and anxiety related to car travel. The study, published in the Journal of Animal Science, involved 20 dogs known to exhibit stress and anxiety during car rides. Results showed that CBD treatment, administered two hours before travel, led to notable improvements in stress measures, including reduced whining and lower cortisol levels.

The study conducted by researchers at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute aimed to explore the effects of THC-free cannabis on dogs’ stress and anxiety associated with car travel. The research involved 20 dogs, all of which displayed signs of stress and anxiety when riding in a car. These dogs were treated with CBD two hours before their trips over a 24-week period.

The findings, as reported in the Journal of Animal Science, indicated that the dogs treated with CBD showed meaningful improvements. Key stress indicators, such as whining and cortisol levels in the blood, were significantly influenced by CBD administration. The study suggested that a daily dose of 4mg/kg of CBD might have a mild anxiolytic effect on dogs during car travel.

Interestingly, the placebo group also exhibited decreased stress levels by the end of the study, hinting at a possible habituation to driving. However, the group receiving CBD consistently showed lower post-test cortisol levels from the beginning of the treatment.

While the study noted that CBD did not completely eliminate stress, as evidenced by the presence of cortisol, it proposed that CBD could be most effective when used alongside other interventions, like behavioral modification therapy. The researchers also mentioned that CBD reaches peak levels in 1.5 to 2 hours and has a half-life of 1 to 4 hours, making it potentially useful as a single dose treatment before acute stressors.

The study concluded by emphasizing the need for further research to understand the impact of different CBD dosages on improving dogs’ emotional wellbeing. This research is part of a growing body of work exploring the therapeutic potential of cannabis in pets and other animals. Other studies have shown benefits of CBD in reducing seizure frequency in dogs and improving conditions in dogs with arthritis.

Why It Matters: This study is significant as it adds to the growing evidence of the potential benefits of CBD in animal health, specifically in managing stress and anxiety in dogs. The findings could lead to more widespread acceptance and use of CBD as a safe and effective treatment for pets experiencing stress-related issues, especially in situations like car travel.

Potential Implications: The implications of this study are far-reaching for pet owners and veterinarians. It suggests that CBD could become a standard part of treatment plans for pets with anxiety and stress disorders. Additionally, this research could pave the way for more comprehensive studies and potentially influence regulatory decisions regarding the use of CBD in animal health products.

Source: Marijuana Moment

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