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Are You Using Dangerous “Trip-Killers” to Counter Psychedelics?

Are You Using Dangerous Trip-Killers to Counter Psychedelics
Written by PsychePen

The Risks of Using “Trip-Killers” to End Psychedelic Experiences

A recent study highlights the growing trend of using “trip-killers” to mitigate or end psychedelic experiences, with discussions on Reddit revealing a range of substances from herbal remedies to antipsychotic medications being used for this purpose. The study emphasizes the potential dangers of these practices, given the lack of comprehensive research and understanding of the effects and interactions of these substances.

Psychedelic drugs, long outlawed globally, are making a comeback in psychiatric and neuroscience research, offering potential as psychotherapeutics for conditions like anxiety and depression. However, their nonmedical use is also rising, sometimes leading to “bad trips” that can be stressful and frightening. In response, some individuals turn to “trip-killers,” substances intended to mitigate or end the psychedelic experience. These can range from herbal remedies to antipsychotic medications, with benzodiazepines being a popular choice.

The concept of trip-killers is not new, but research on the topic is scarce. A study published in the Emergency Medicine Journal sought to understand the most commonly used trip-killers by analyzing discussions on Reddit. The findings revealed a variety of suggested antidotes, including benzodiazepines, antipsychotic medications, and even alcohol. However, the potential dangers of using these substances, such as addiction and overdose, were often overlooked in these discussions.

The study’s lead author, Gregory Yates, MBBS, MA, emphasized the lack of scholarly literature on trip-killers and the need for further research. The study’s findings underscore the importance of understanding the risks associated with using trip-killers, especially as the use of psychedelics increases both recreationally and in psychiatric settings. The researchers used crowdsourced information from Reddit to gather data, identifying a range of psychedelics and trip-killers discussed by users.

Why It Matters: The study sheds light on the potentially dangerous practice of using trip-killers to counteract the effects of psychedelics. It highlights the need for more research and education on the safe use of psychedelics and the risks associated with attempting to “kill” a trip using other substances. As psychedelics become more mainstream, understanding these practices and their implications is crucial for both users and healthcare providers.

Potential Implications: The findings could lead to increased awareness of the risks associated with using these products and encourage more comprehensive research into safe practices for managing bad psychedelic experiences. It may also prompt discussions about the need for guidelines and support for individuals using psychedelics, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes.

Source: JAMA

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