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Regulating Kava and Kratom: Cocoa’s Approach to Protecting Public Health

Regulating Kava and Kratom: Cocoa's Approach to Protecting Public Health
Written by PsychePen

The rules specifically restrict the location of these businesses, keeping them away from schools, churches, public parks, and playgrounds.

Summary: Cocoa, Florida, has implemented new regulations to limit the spread of kava and kratom establishments. These rules prohibit such businesses from operating within 500 feet of schools, churches, public parks, and playgrounds. The decision comes amidst the growing popularity of kava and kratom as alcohol substitutes.

Trying To Protect Public Safety, Kava and Kratom Establishments Will Be Limited

Kava and kratom, both legal in the United States and Florida, have seen a surge in popularity as alternatives to alcohol. Cocoa’s new regulations aim to control the proliferation of establishments selling these mildly psychoactive plant substances. The rules specifically restrict the location of these businesses, keeping them away from schools, churches, public parks, and playgrounds.

Kava, derived from the Piper methysticum plant, is a beverage or extract traditionally used in South Pacific ceremonies for relaxation. It is known for its effects on anxiety, stress, and sleep issues. However, the FDA has noted potential negative side effects associated with long-term use.

Kratom, part of the coffee family and originating from Southeast Asia, can have stimulant effects in small amounts and sedative effects in larger quantities. It binds to the same opioid brain receptors as morphine, raising concerns about addiction and abuse. Kratom use has been linked to withdrawal symptoms and rare overdose deaths.

In 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill restricting the sale of kratom to individuals 21 and older, aligning it with alcohol and cigarette regulations. However, there are no legal age restrictions on the sale of kava.

The new rules in Cocoa reflect a growing awareness of the potential risks associated with kava and kratom consumption. The city’s decision to regulate these establishments is part of a broader effort to ensure public safety, particularly for younger residents.

Source: Florida Today

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