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Atlantic City Approves Cannabis Dispensary Near Convent Despite Nuns’ Objections

Atlantic City Approves Cannabis Dispensary Near Convent Despite Nuns' Objections
Written by PsychePen

Economic Growth vs. Community Concerns: Atlantic City’s Cannabis Dispensary Decision

Summary: Catholic nuns in Atlantic City, New Jersey, have lost their bid to block a cannabis dispensary located just 150 feet from their convent. The city officials approved the business as part of their strategy to make Atlantic City the East Coast hub for cannabis.

Atlantic City’s Cannabis Strategy: Dispensary Approved Near Convent Amid Opposition

The administration of Mayor Marty Small Sr. in Atlantic City, New Jersey, sees the new cannabis businesses as powerful economic engines, potentially attracting investment and jobs into the city. Kashawn “Kash” McKinley, the city’s cannabis czar, is focused on making Atlantic City the East Coast hub for cannabis. This vision aligns with the city’s broader economic development goals.

The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal Convent, established in the South Bronx in 1988, raised concerns about the dispensary’s proximity to their classes, including those offered to teenagers, as well as sobriety meetings. They also expressed worries about potential crime escalation in the area. Sister Joseph Van Munster, drawing on her Dutch experience with legal marijuana, voiced concerns about the dispensary’s potential harm to people dealing with substance abuse issues.

Despite these objections, the dispensary was approved, marking another instance where religious groups’ concerns were overridden by Atlantic City’s cannabis ambitions. Over the summer, members of the Chelsea Baptist Church spoke out against a planned cannabis business nearby, but it too was approved by the board.

Since recreational cannabis sales became legal in New Jersey on April 21, 2022, the marijuana market has grown significantly and continues to evolve into a dynamic industry. Multi-state operators in New Jersey include Acreage Holdings, Ascend Wellness, AYR Wellness, Curaleaf, Green Thumb, Columbia Care, TerrAscend, and Verano Holdings.

Why It Matters: The approval of the cannabis dispensary near the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal Convent in Atlantic City highlights the city’s commitment to becoming a major player in the cannabis industry. This decision reflects the growing trend of cities and states recognizing the economic potential of the cannabis market, despite opposition from certain community groups.

Potential Implications: The establishment of the dispensary near the convent could lead to increased tension between community groups and city officials. It may also set a precedent for similar situations in other cities, where the economic benefits of the cannabis industry are weighed against the concerns of local communities. Additionally, the growth of the cannabis market in Atlantic City could attract more businesses and investors, further solidifying its position as a key hub for cannabis on the East Coast.

Source: Benzinga

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