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Israel Sees a Record Increase in Medical Cannabis Patients, Because Of The War

Israel Sees a Record Increase in Medical Cannabis Patients, Because Of The War
Written by PsychePen

Why the ongoing war is contributing to the rapid increase in medical cannabis patients in Israel?

Summary: Because of the ongoing war, Israel has seen a significant increase in the number of medical cannabis patients, with more than 3,000 new cannabis license holders in November 2023. This surge, possibly due to the growing demand for cannabis following tongoing war with Hamas/ISIS, brings the total to 135,213 patients as of early December, according to official data from the Ministry of Health.

Significant Growth in Israel’s Medical Cannabis Patient Numbers

Content: The recent data published by Israel’s Ministry of Health reveals a remarkable increase in the number of medical cannabis patients. In November 2023 alone, over 3,000 new cannabis license holders were registered, possibly influenced by the heightened demand for cannabis following the on-going war. This surge is a continuation of a sharp rise that began in mid-2023, following a prolonged period of stagnation. The current pace is comparable to the peak months of 2021, when the number of patients increased by approximately 3,000 each month.

Additionally, there has been an increase in the quantity of cannabis allocated to patients, reaching a new high of 5,329 kilograms per month. This amount represents a significant monthly increase and the highest ever recorded allocation. The majority of the allocation (92%) is for cannabis flowers, with the remaining 8% for cannabis oil.

The list of medical indications (diseases for which patients are eligible for a license) is led by “chronic pain,” accounting for more than 55% of the patients. The number of patients with chronic pain increased by more than 1,500 in the past month.

The patient age distribution shows that nearly half of the patients are aged between 21-45 years. The next largest group comprises patients aged 46-65 years, followed by those aged 66 and above. A small percentage of patients are under 20 years old, primarily children suffering from autism or epilepsy.

In terms of cannabis allocation, the majority of patients are licensed for 40 grams per month. Other common allocations include 50 grams and 20 grams per month.

Source: קנאביס

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