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The 5 Best Clubs in Athens in 2023 

athens best clubs
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

If you’ve never been to the capital of Greece, then all I would suggest is that you make sure to book a flight as soon as possible. This place is quite simply magic. You can still feel ancient Greece within the architecture, and yet it is one of the most vibrant and current places you can go. But as Athens continues to evolve, so does its vibrant nightlife scene.

Whilst it is a city renowned for its historical significance and cultural heritage, it has also earned a reputation as a nightlife hotspot. In 2023, the clubbing landscape in Athens is thriving, offering a diverse range of venues that cater to various musical tastes and preferences. Here’s a glimpse into the five best clubs that are currently setting the night ablaze in Athens.

Athens Nightlife

I have had the pleasure of visiting Athens quite a few times – both as a kid and an adult. Whilst there, I climbed the Parthenon, ate too many souvlakis and most definitely partied. A lot. When the sun sets over the historical city of Athens, a new world comes to life. Beyond the ancient ruins and historic landmarks, Athens transforms into a bustling playground for night owls and seekers of nocturnal adventures. The Athens nightlife is a vibrant tapestry woven with a rich mix of music, culture, and a vivacious spirit that invites both locals and travelers to revel in the magic of the night. As Aristotle once said: “the body and the mind become one”. 

A Fusion of Traditions and Modernism

Athens’ nightlife is a reflection of the city’s dynamic nature, where the past and present seamlessly coexist. Traditional Greek music and dance are intertwined with contemporary beats and international rhythms, creating a unique combination. Whether you’re into traditional bouzouki music or electronic dance anthems, you’ll find a place to let loose and dance the night away. But this fusion of old and new is something that makes Athens one of the most magical spots in the world. 

Exploring the Neighborhoods After Dark

Each neighbourhood in Athens has its own distinct flavour when it comes to nightlife. From the vibrant Psirri, known for its bustling bars and music venues, to the chic Kolonaki with its upscale cocktail lounges, every corner of the city offers a different vibe. Plaka, nestled in the shadow of the Acropolis, adds a touch of romance with its cosy tavernas and live music. Gazi, an industrial district turned trendy hotspot, hosts some of the city’s most famous clubs and bars, making it a hub for the younger crowd. 

Rooftop Culture

One of the city’s most enchanting nightlife features is its abundance of rooftop bars and restaurants. Imagine sipping on a cocktail with the Acropolis illuminated in the background or enjoying a panoramic view of the city lights while listening to live music. I did both of these, and – I can tell you – I won’t be forgetting it in a hurry. These elevated venues offer not just a drink, but an experience: an opportunity to witness Athens from a whole new perspective.

Live Music

The live music around Athens is abundant. In fact, it’s an integral part of the capital’s nightlife scene. From traditional rebetiko performances to modern rock concerts, there’s a genre for every music lover. The city’s live music venues, ranging from intimate jazz bars to large concert halls, attract both local talents and international artists. If you’re interested in techno, which – let’s face it – everyone is, there’s even a place for that. 

Food. Food. Food.

Greek food is to die for. After hours of dancing and celebration, Athens’ street food scene comes to the rescue. From souvlaki and gyros to Greek salads and moussake, the city’s late-night eateries ensure that no one goes home hungry. Strolling through the illuminated streets while savoring a flavorful snack is an essential part of the Athens nightlife experience.

Safety and Diversity

As a capital city, Athens is pretty safe and diverse. It is known for its warm hospitality and the sense of safety it provides to its visitors. The nightlife scene caters to a wide range of preferences and demographics, making it an inclusive space for everyone. Solo travelers, couples, groups of friends, and even families can all find their own version of nighttime magic in the city.

Embracing the Night

As the night unfolds, Athens reveals its captivating nightlife – one that’s as diverse and lively as the city itself. When people think of Greece, they usually picture the exotic islands – with  sandy bars and decks on the beach. But the mainland is not to be sniffed at. Hostelworld writes:

“While Mykonos is the island to party on while visiting Greece, that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had on the mainland. Don’t underestimate Athens’ nightlife scene. The options are endless: techno-blasting superclubs that are open ‘til sunrise, chilled-out live music venues serving up local beers, or craft cocktail bars that are the perfect mix of trendy and relaxed.”

Athens is quite simply a city that knows how to embrace its past while moving confidently into the future. So, whether you’re in search of a romantic evening, a light boogie, or an absolute session, anything is possible. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 best clubs in Athens in 2023. Get yourself a flight and dance the night away. 

Top 5 Nightclubs in Athens

1 – Lohan Nightclub

Does the name ring any bells? Well, yes, you’ve guessed it, this place is co-owned by the famed actress Lindsay Lohan. Lohan Nightclub is an embodiment of glam and glitz. Located in the heart of Athens, this club captures the essence of celebrity nightlife. With its lavish interiors, A-list DJs, and an atmosphere that exudes exclusivity, Lohan Nightclub is where the city’s elite and international visitors come together to dance, socialise, and chillax in style.

2 – Dybbuk

For those who have an affinity for electronic beats and a taste for the avant-garde, Dybbuk is an underground sanctuary that’s not to be missed. This iconic club is synonymous with Athens’ electronic music scene and has hosted internationally renowned DJs. The industrial-chic ambiance, state-of-the-art sound systems, and immersive lighting create an atmosphere that transports clubbers to an alternate reality where the music takes centre stage. This club was one of the first places I ever took a pinger and, I can tell you, I wouldn’t have changed that experience for the world. 

3 – Six Dogs

Stepping away from the conventional club concept, Six Dogs is a multidisciplinary arts venue that seamlessly combines live music, DJ sets, contemporary art exhibitions, and more. This innovative space, spread across a lush garden, offers an oasis of creativity in the heart of the city. Its open-air stage hosts a variety of events, from indie gigs to experimental electronic performances, making it a hub for both locals and travellers seeking artistic inspiration. There’s a lot of places like this in Athens, making it one of the most artistically welcoming cities in the world.

4 – Bolivar Beach Bar

Nestled along the Athenian Riviera, Bolivar Beach Bar is a unique fusion of a club and a beachside haven. With its stunning views of the Saronic Gulf, white sands, and crystal-clear waters, this day-to-night destination provides an unparalleled setting for daytime relaxation and evening revelry. International DJs and themed parties ensure that Bolivar remains a hotspot for dance enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

5 – Gazi Music Hall

Gazi Music Hall stands as a testament to Athens’ versatility in the world of nightlife. This converted power plant complex has multiple stages, each catering to a different musical genre and ambiance. From mainstream hits to Greek pop, rock, and hip-hop, Gazi Music Hall’s diverse lineup guarantees a night of energetic dancing and camaraderie. The venue’s industrial backdrop, combined with its lively crowd, creates an authentic Athenian experience.


These are only 5 clubs in Athens, which doesn’t even touch the sides. If you’re looking for a more chilled evening, but still as equally exciting, check out Booze. Just trust me, this place is wonderful. Overall, Athens’ club scene is a reflection of the city’s ever-evolving identity – where the old meets the new and tradition meets innovation. For me, as the city lights up after dark, these five clubs stand out as some of the greatest of Athens’ nightlife landscape.

But, like choosing your favorite child, this was not an easy decision. Nonetheless, whatever your music tastes, Athens offers an array of experiences that cater to every preference. So get yourself over to Athens, one of the greatest cities that Europe has to offer. 

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