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My Experience: Exploring the London Dungeons High

london dungeons high
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

Well, I decided to go to this high and, I can tell you, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Some would argue that everything is better when you’re high. For me, I both agree and disagree with this statement. I think awesome experiences can be lightly enhanced by a toke of cannabis, but that doesn’t take away from the innate awesomeness of the experience. London is full of amazing activities, and the London Dungeons is one of the best out there. Using live actors and an immersive set, you can learn about London’s haunted and spooky past. Well, I decided to go to this high and, I can tell you, it was an experience of a lifetime. Here’s why. 

What are the London Dungeons?

Located in the heart of London, the London Dungeons is an immersive and interactive attraction that takes visitors on a chilling journey through the city’s darker history. It combines live actors, special effects, and detailed sets to bring to life some of the most notorious characters and events from London’s past. From the terrifying Jack the Ripper to the infamous Guy Fawkes, the London Dungeons provide a thrilling and educational experience. Made For Mums writes:

“Dark and atmospheric are two good words to describe this attraction. You’ll see why as you and your family meander through 90 minutes of walking, exploring and no doubt, being terrified of, over a 1000 years of British history.”

Located on the Southbank of the Thames, the London dungeons is a beautiful venue. By the time you’ve arrived, you already feel the capital of England oozing through your bones. Tickets to this show aren’t always cheap, they vary from around £33-£60, but there are often discounts. But trust me, if you haven’t been before, it’s definitely worth it. The acting is well directed and incredibly engaging, probably made even spookier due to me being slightly high. 

High Exploring

Before delving into the adventure, it is vital to emphasise the importance of responsible consumption. I’m not here to preach to anyone, but it’s important to remember that being high does not always make everything instantly better. This show is a truly immersive experience and, whilst you can leave at any time, it’s best to go when you’re feeling up for it. If consuming cannabis makes you feel anxious or nervous, then the London Dungeons probably isn’t the place for you. Engaging in any recreational activities, including visiting attractions like this, while under the influence should always be done with caution. It is essential to be mindful of yourself, the other audience members and of course the actors who work tirelessly throughout the day to ensure everyone has an awesome time. Want to know what immersive theatre is? The Space writes:

“Many people go to the theatre to lose themselves in the production, to forget their everyday worries and troubles and be transported into another world. However, no kind of theatre transports an audience quite like immersive theatre. In immersive theatre, the audience are not merely passive bystanders. They are part of the story, however small their role may be, and they are in the middle of the action.”

It’s also probably worth considering which method of consumption you may use. Edibles have the benefit of being long lasting, but are quite intense. Smoking a joint is a classic, relaxed, but may cause a long lasting smell. Vaping your buds in dry herb vape is also an option, and will definitely reduce the odour. Make sure you consider which method to go for to ensure a stress free preparation. As long as you keep these things in mind, then being high at the London Dungeons should be nothing but fun and engaging. 

Benefits of Exploring the London Dungeons High

While the decision to explore the London Dungeons while high is subjective, some visitors (including myself) have reported experiencing unique benefits during their trip. Here are some of these:

Heightened Senses

One of the main advantages is heightened sensory perception, where visitors may feel more immersed in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the attraction. Cannabis is known to enhance our sensory alert systems, and this can add a lot to the experience. Additionally, I personally felt a heightened sense of empathy and emotional connection to the characters and stories presented in the London Dungeons. I was particularly moved when witnessing the fear that Londoners felt during the Jack the Ripper murders. I actually felt pretty spooked myself, knowing that he was ‘still on the loose’. 

Actor Engagement 

If you’re not used to immersive theatre, then it might take a moment to get used to this form of performance. But once you realise that they’re going to be talking to you throughout, you can start to relax and actually thoroughly enjoy it. Cannabis is a social substance, and having the performers notice you actually takes a lot of anxiety away. One of the worst feelings is when you’re high and you’re scared to be too loud, to laugh, or to giggle – but with the London Dungeons audience participation is actually encouraged. This is ideal for children, families and – funnily enough – high audience members. 


Another benefit of the experience is that you move consistently. I’m someone that can feel the need to move about when I’m high. The fact that you can move around, meet different characters, and see new parts of old London, means you don’t have the chance to get bored. It also means if you do suddenly feel a little too high, or even excitable, you can always get up and walk around. I had a moment when a ‘witch’ had come up behind me and scared me, so I was thankful when I had the chance to move around again. The way the experience works is that you’ll move from place to place, meeting new characters and hearing their stories. After you’ve seen what they have to say, you can move on to the next. 

Immersing Yourself

Sometimes when I go to immersive experiences, I can find myself becoming slightly ‘cringed out’. This is another phrase for being embarrassed or slightly lacking the passion to really enjoy it. However, because I was slightly high, I felt I was able to embrace the atmosphere far easier. The dimly lit sets and eerie ambience are designed to create an unsettling atmosphere. Embrace the darkness and let yourself be transported to another era.

Group Activity

Visiting the London Dungeons can be a great experience to do with other people. It also allows you to share your high thoughts with others. I went with a few friends and really appreciated having them around. It was an opportunity to bond and share reactions to the various scenes and scares. There were a lot of laughs. However, if you’re wanting to go alone or can’t find anyone to come with you then don’t be put off. I actually had some of my best times when I found myself on my own during the immersive performance. It was profound and deeply moving at times actually. I felt like I was having my own personal journey. 


I have been cautious when writing this article not to give too much away. The London Dungeons relies on its surprise factor. However, even if I tried to explain every detail of it, I’m sure that the experience would still shock you. I’m not someone that usually enjoys being high at public events, but there was something different about this one. It felt like the buzz of cannabis just gave me a slight push towards full immersion, and I was able to have a deeper connection to the spectacle. This included its comedic, horror and wacky sides. If you’re ever in London – high or not – I would definitely recommend it. 


Overall, the London Dungeons provide a unique blend of history, entertainment, and thrills, making it a must-visit attraction for those seeking an unforgettable experience in London. I’m a local here, but it still managed to surprise me. I guess I didn’t know as much about the history of the capital as I thought I did. Exploring the London Dungeons high was definitely up there as one of my favourite cannabis experiences. 

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