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5 ways to be Discreet when Consuming Cannabis

discreet cannabis
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

The cannabis plant is adored by a large section of the world, and by many nations. Whilst it may not be legal in all of these is a different story, but there is no doubt that people enjoy it in every continent. However, there are some moments in life when enjoying weed and being high is not something you want everyone knowing about. In other words, you would rather be discreet.

In these moments, we at Cannadelics believe there are 5 steps to consider to help you along the way. Hiding the consumption of cannabis is not always easy, but it is certainly possible. If only we lived in a world where weed was legal everywhere and using it was acceptable by everyone at any time, meaning there was never a need to keep it on the downlow at all. But, unfortunately, the majority of us do not live in that world and, as a result, we need to take some precautions. Here are 5 ways to be discreet when consuming cannabis. 

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Discreet Cannabis

The world is changing its view on cannabis and slowly nations and states are beginning to turn their heads to the benefits of the substance. However, not long before now, we lived in a – basically – completely cannabis banned world. If we rewind to the 1800s and before, cannabis was a free and growing plant. It was being used for its hemp, as well as for its recreational purposes – in all continents. In fact, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that the mind of the world began to change. Napoleon banned his soldiers from using the substance, although according to reports the ban was not taken seriously.

Other nations followed suit, Asia, Europe and the Americas all began making cannabis illegal. It was suddenly seen as an uncontrollable commodity – unlike alcohol. Whilst it was legal, governments could not make money from it, and therefore it must be stopped. Even in India – a place where lots of cannabis grew and still goes – the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission of 1894-1895 did a report on cannabis. Their very honest review said:

“Viewing the subject generally, it may be added that the moderate use of these drugs is the rule, and that the excessive use is comparatively exceptional. The moderate use practically produces no ill effects. In all but the most exceptional cases, the injury from habitual moderate use is not appreciable.”

This was proof that the substance, when professionally reviewed, was hardly ever criticized. Nonetheless, cannabis was demonized for decades and, suddenly, it was a class B drug in the UK and a Schedule II in the US. However, as a naturally growing plant that has been part of many cultures for centuries, it continued to grow and continued to be used. It was just the case that certain people needed to be more discreet than others. Whether it’s smoking a joint in the French army with Napoleon round the corner or enjoying a vape before college – both require a certain level of skill. I wish we lived in a world where being discreet was unnecessary but we do so, therefore, here are 5 key tips to help you be low key with your cannabis consumption. 

1 – Use a Cannabis Vaporizer

First things first, let’s consider how you’re actually consuming your cannabis. There is no doubt that smoking weed is by far the most obvious method available. The smell on your clothes, hands and body are very hard to hide, as well as the smell of the joint itself. Even just having dry buds in your possession can cause a mighty weed stench wherever you go. Therefore, using a cannabis vape instead will reduce this momentously.

There are two types of these vaporizers, one that uses cartridges and one that uses cannabis buds. The first is the most discreet, as the carts and the vapor created will basically leave no smell at all. However, it is not always easy to get your hands on THC cartridges, especially if you don’t live in the US. Even if you can, the chances are that these products will be far more expensive than just purchasing dry weed. Therefore, if you find it hard to access the carts, then instead you can use a dry herb vaporizer, which heats up the buds in an oven.

Whilst the weed itself still has a slight scent, the low temperature at which it heats the cannabis will ensure a far reduced smell than smoking. It’s also important to note that vapes are discreet in their design. With the many varied designs of vaporizers, it is basically impossible to know what is a cannabis vape and what is an e-cig. Therefore, even the device itself will help you and your high slip into the shadows of normality. A cannabis vape will not bring attention to you in the same way that smoking a joint will. 

2 – Enjoy Edibles or Tinctures

Another discreet way of consuming cannabis is to use edibles or tinctures. One step even further towards being completely hidden from sight – a cannabis ninja – is not inhaling it at all. Instead, enjoy drinking or eating it. When you inhale cannabis, the high comes quickly but does not stay for a great deal of time. Therefore, it requires you to continually need to top up your high, which leaves you at risk of being found out. However, if you digest cannabis, the high takes longer to come but breaks down slower – leaving you with a long and endured high. CCSA writes:

“Cannabis smoke or vapor delivers THC, the chemical that gets you high, into your lungs where it passes directly into your bloodstream and then your brain. Edible cannabis travels first to your stomach then to your liver before getting into your bloodstream and brain.”

The first process is quicker and lasts less time, the second is slower but lasts more time. So you can bake some cannabis goodies and allow them to take hold of you over the day, without the need to inhale anything. Or, you can even find yourself a cannabis tincture and place the drops in your tongue or drink before leaving the house. This option of consumption is probably the most discreet, but not everyone prefers this kind of high. Many people still prefer to smoke cannabis or vape it. 

3 – Hide the Smell

If you are a die hard cannabis smoker and do not want to change then, you know what, fair enough. There is definitely something special about rolling and smoking a joint that nothing really can compare to. However, the smell left is immense and that is a serious issue if you want to be discreet. But there are some methods of reducing these scents. First of all, always have a packet of gum at hand – this is a crucial tool for any smoker.

Then you should consider where you are smoking, as you do not want to leave the place you’re in with a large cloud of cannabis. The more ventilation, the better. If you’re outside then that is ideal but, if not, then try a bathroom or somewhere with less people and large open windows. The more air that is passing through, the less smoke that will attach itself to your clothes, body and your surroundings.

Then you have your body and garments to deal with. Always wash your hands after smoking, the fingers will always keep a lot of the scent on them. Then, try using deodorant or, even better, have a change of clothes. Cannabis-smelling clothes are always the biggest giveaway and it’s also the hardest thing to avoid when smoking weed. Grove writes:

“Inside every puff of cigarette smoke is a cloud of carcinogenic residue, things like tar, oil, ash, and thousands of chemicals from the cigarette. This smokey molecular concoction is very sticky, and its particles tightly adhere to everything from clothes and hair to upholstery and carpeting”

Ultimately, you’re always running a risk when choosing to smoke cannabis – it is by far the most obvious method of consuming weed. But, if you really have to, then just try to go somewhere as ventilated as possible and bring a spare pair of clothes. This will help but may not eradicate the problem entirely. 

4 – When

The next way to be discreet when consuming cannabis is to consider when you do it. The set and setting is a primary part of enjoying any psychedelic substance, as it is your surroundings and mindset that does often affect your high. Usually this is in regards to harder hallucinogen drugs, but it also has its place in the world of cannabis too.

If you’re consuming weed discreetly, it will most likely add unwanted anxiety to the effects. Ideally, choose a day when you are free and have time to enjoy the experience. This way, you won’t need to worry about being discreet at all. However, if that is not possible, then try and be selective with when you do it. Try consuming cannabis at least an hour before any errand you have to run – be it a class or a dinner with your parents. Or, if you can, wait until after the event itself. 

5 – Relax

The signs of being high, at least in stoner films, includes: big red eyes, a cheeky grin and an inability to move. Now, whilst these are enhanced for comedic effect, they also have an element of truth. If you’re concerned about people noticing your eyes, try using drops – the more lubricated, the less obvious. It is sometimes better that people think you were crying than enjoying some Mary Jane. Another thing you can do to stop any anxiety or a cheeky grin is to simply relax.

Try meditating before you leave the house, taking deep breaths as you walk, or simply remind yourself how – in the end – none of this really matters. Everyone has habits they would rather be discreet about, you’re not the only one. A sense of relaxation will make you ease into the high, and feel more ‘normal’. If you feel like you’re too high to hide it, then maybe try drinking a sugary drink or a coffee. Any sort of stimulant will assist you in controlling the effects of the weed. 


Ideally, you can enjoy your cannabis without needing to be discreet at all. Unless you get a kick out of being a weed ninja, this will certainly improve your experience. However, the time will eventually come when the world will require you to hide your high. When that time comes, hopefully these 5 methods of being discreet will help you out.

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