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Is WHO (World Health Organization) Biased Against Vaping?

Is WHO Biased Against Vaping
Written by PsychePen

The World Vapers’ Alliance criticizes the WHO for its biased stance against vaping in its latest report on the global tobacco epidemic.

Summary: The World Vapers’ Alliance has accused the World Health Organization of biased anti-vaping scaremongering in its latest report on the global tobacco epidemic. The Alliance argues that the WHO’s focus on vaping undermines the use of it as a potent smoking cessation tool.

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World Vapers’ Alliance Challenges WHO’s Biased View on Vaping

The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) has accused the World Health Organization of biased anti-vaping scaremongering following the publication of WHO’s “Report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2023.” The Alliance believes the report reaffirms WHO’s adversarial stance against the powerful impact of harm reduction and vaping.

Is it better than smoking?

Michael Landl, director of the WVA, criticized the report for its focus on vaping rather than on reducing smoking rates. He argued that vaping is the most potent smoking cessation tool available, and the WHO’s stance undermines this fact. The report claims a gateway effect from vaping to smoking and says it flavors target children. It also highlights that 121 countries have adopted vaping regulations, with 34 completely banning vape sales.

Landl dismissed these claims as outdated and debunked theories that pose risks to public health. He emphasized that flavors are essential for adults as they play a crucial role in helping millions of smokers transition to e-cigarettes. Landl also criticized the World Health Organization for celebrating countries which ban a less harmful alternative for smokers.

And while we debate, e-cigarettes sales are rising

The WVA director concluded by stating that the WHO’s lack of empathy for smokers and vapers, coupled with the outright denial of scientific findings, will have severe consequences for many lives. He urged the World Healtyh Organization to address real-life challenges and consider the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of e-cigarettes.

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More and more people are usning e-cigarettes

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E-cigarettes might has its problems, but is smoking better?

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