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Cannabotech’s Experimental Drug for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer Achieves Success

Cyathus striatus fungus Cannabotech Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Cannabotech’s treatment for pancreatic cancer, combining active substances from cannabis and fungi, has shown promising results in lab trials, paving the way for potential FDA approval.

Summary: Cannabotech, an Israeli biotech company, has reported a significant breakthrough in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Their innovative approach combines active substances from the cannabis plant and fungi, showing promising results in laboratory trials. The company is expected to complete the series of lab tests in the coming months and present the results to the FDA for approval.

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(AI translation from the original Hebrew Press Release):
Cannabotech’s botanical drug has successfully halted the progression of pancreatic cancer in a live model, and in some cases, led to the complete eradication of the cancerous growths.
This marks the first time globally that a distinct anti-cancer effect has been observed in pancreatic cancer, achieved through a combined treatment involving various active substances derived from cannabis and fungi. The company anticipates the completion of a series of laboratory experiments on pancreatic cancer in the upcoming months.

The company plans to present these results to the FDA to secure approval for a fast-tracked development pathway and to partner with a large pharmaceutical company that will spearhead the clinical development stage. The development of this botanical drug is the outcome of an exclusive collaboration between the research of Prof. Fuad Fares from the University of Haifa and Cannabotech, established in 2021.

DMT and your brain part 1

Herzliya, Israel – June 26, 2023 – Cannabotech, a biotechnology company that, among other things, develops a botanical drug based on the extraction of the Cyathus striatus fungus and cannabinoid extraction from the cannabis plant, reports highly positive results from an animal model experiment. As part of this experiment, the company’s experimental drug successfully halted the expansion of the cancerous growth, and in some animals, it even led to the complete destruction of the cancer cells.

This experiment marks the first time Cannabotech’s botanical drug, which combines fungus and cannabinoid extraction, has been administered orally to animals. The positive results reinforce previous findings where the fungus was administered alone in animals and via injection. These results will enable Cannabotech to meet the regulatory requirements for the botanical drug pathway and promote oral administration, which is preferred by most patients over injection. The results represent a promising breakthrough that supports Cannabotech’s integrated botanical concept: the use of multiple active substances and different mechanisms of action that mutually reinforce and enhance each other’s activity. The company estimates that it will complete the series of laboratory experiments on pancreatic cancer in the coming months.

The results were obtained during the final stage of a series of experiments conducted by Cannabotech over the past two years, aiming to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the botanical drug for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in laboratory models. The experiment observed a significant synergistic effect that improved the treatment by combining the fungal extract at a low dosage with a specific cannabinoid composition. Cannabotech estimates that this effect will allow the reduction of the dosage for the patient as the treatment progresses, significantly reducing the potential for side effects.

DMT and your brain part 2

The experiment examined the effect of cannabinoids and the fungus on a subtype of pancreatic cancer defined as Poorly Differentiated, which is considered the most aggressive. Given that pancreatic cancer is known as one of the most aggressive cancers with very low survival rates and is a significant cause of death in the Western world, the FDA tends to provide significant leniency to companies in the drug development process and the formulation of a pathway for this indication. Obtaining approval for a simplified pathway from the FDA will assist Cannabotech in partnering with a large pharmaceutical company that will help finance and lead the clinical development process.

The development of the botanical drug is led by Prof. Fuad Fares from the University of Haifa, who discovered the anti-cancer efficacy of the fungus and has been researching it for the past decade, and Dr. Basem Fares, Director of Research and Development at Cannabotech, in collaboration with the company’s consultants: Dr. Yitzhak Angel, a senior pharmacologist specializing in drug development, and Dr. Alex Weisman, an expert in chemical processes and the production of active substances.

Set, Setting and DNA…

Prof. Fuad Fares, a senior cancer researcher at the University of Haifa, stated (AI translation from the Hebrew original):

“I am pleased that the collaboration with Cannabotech is leading to groundbreaking results, where the combination of the fungal extract with cannabinoids reinforces the research we have conducted at the University of Haifa in recent years and focuses on the development of an effective and safe botanical drug for cancer treatment. The fact that the impressive results were also replicated in the animal model is very encouraging.”

Dr. Basem Fares, a cancer researcher and Director of Research and Development at Cannabotech, said (AI translation from the Hebrew original):

“Cancer treatment is a challenging field that requires innovation and thinking beyond existing boundaries. During the successful experiment described, the results obtained indicate a delay in the development and growth of cancer cells in laboratory animals by combining the fungal extract and cannabinoids at low concentrations. These data could lead to the development of unique solutions for cancer patients in the future.”

Another one of Cannabotech's products, aimed at the medicinal market
Another one of Cannabotech’s products, aimed at the medicinal market

Dr. Yitzhak Angel, Cannabotech’s pharmacological consultant, said (AI translation from the Hebrew original):

“The development of a botanical drug is a challenging process, and the results we have achieved provide a real glimmer of hope that the extracts are effective and safe for use as an anti-cancer treatment for pancreatic cancer, which is one of the most aggressive types of cancer. Upon completion of the experiments, we will be able to approach the FDA with the hope of obtaining a fast-tracked development pathway.”

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About Cannabotech: Cannabotech is an Israeli start-up in the biomed field that develops personalized medical solutions in the areas of oncology and preventive medicine. The solutions are based on combinations of active substances from the cannabis plant and fungi and work on two central systems in the human body: the endocannabinoid system and the immune system.

In parallel with the development of the botanical drug, Cannabotech has developed an integrative oncology concept that includes a series of 7 devices intended to assist anti-cancer treatment in cancer patients and is expected to begin selling to cancer patients in California as early as the fourth quarter of 2023.

Cannabotech’s stock is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol CNTC.TA

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