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Sarah’s Best Drug Experiences

best drug experiences
Written by Sarah Friedman

This entire site is devoted to the usage of drugs, whether for medical or recreational purposes. There are tons more sites like this too, because whether they can be dangerous or not, they certainly provide a service in the form of the experiences they produce. Not every drug story is a good one, but like it or not, tons of amazing things in life happen, all because of drugs. Here’s a look at my personal very best drug experiences.

Most of us have drug experiences, some good, some bad. Here are a few of my very best drug experiences, though this is not meant to encourage anyone to try anything. This fully independent publication covers the burgeoning cannabis and psychedelics industries of today, and everything involved. Join us by signing up for the THC Weekly Newsletter, and check out all our product promotions for smoking equipment, vapes, and a range of cannabinoid compounds including HHC-O, Delta-8, Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCO, THCV, THCP, and HHC. There are tons of cannabis options to choose from, please only buy the products you are happy with using.

The best of my drug experiences

Unlike speaking of negative experiences, which I generally remember much more specifically, I don’t always have single positive experiences that stand out, but rather, drugs that have provided multiple experiences to form a general conglomeration for how they make me feel. So the following is a rundown, not necessarily of specific experiences, but of the drugs I’ve had the most positive experiences with. I leave cannabis out of this list. Though it is my primary drug in life, and has added to many wonderful experiences, the ultimate experiences I had, were not directly related to weed.

At times in life, in order to deal with sleep issues, I was prescribed Ambien. This first happened back when Ambien was still very new, and not much was said about its side effects. In fact, not much was known about it at all, and all stories about hallucinations and weird behavior, filtered in during the next several years. Ambien – formally known as Zolpidem of the imidazopyridine class of drugs, is often called a ‘Z-drug’, which is not a benzodiazepine, but similar, in that it acts on gaba receptors, and functions as both a sedative and hypnotic.

I totally get how people can get addicted to this drug. I mean, it’s short acting, so creating an addiction means taking it all the time, but it is super…intense. Even today, when looking at descriptions, its said to make a person feel good, but the way it does it, and the extreme nature of it, aren’t always expanded on. We hear stories of people doing come crazy stuff, like sleep driving and sleep eating, but it’s the actual feeling it gives that makes it stand out to me.

ambien experiences

My experience with Ambien is similar to my experiences with psychedelics, and perhaps this makes sense. Psychedelics – or hallucinogens, rather – are all tied together under the term ‘tryptamines’ or ‘tryptamine derivatives’, regardless of which kind. Just like LSD and psilocybin, Ambien fits in this classing as a tryptamine derivative, meaning it has the ability to cause hallucinations. I have never gotten as intense a euphoria from standard psychedelics, (with the one exception of MDMA), as I got from Ambien. Everything is the same, yet it looks different, and feels different, as in a more vibrant way than normal.

The hallucinations are less intense, although I never took it in super high doses. I remember the walls looking like water the first few times, and having experiences of thinking I was being spoken to by other-worldly beings. My most intense memory, is of sitting on my dorm room bed freshman year of college, watching the clock flash 12:00 repeatedly on the VCR (really dating myself with that one), and thinking that some form of god was trying to contact me through the device. It was an intense and powerful feeling, and caused me great confusion upon waking up the next morning.

Ambien, like its cousin benzodiazepines, comes with plenty of risks, although direct death statistics aren’t available, which implies after all these years on the market, that it’s not really deadly. We knew opioids were deadly immediately, so this says a lot. For those who can take it as-needed only, and responsibly, Ambien is an interesting high to check out. Technically, I personally think its best to gravitate toward natural drugs, but for those pharma-junkies out there, this is the best pharmaceutical drug experience I’ve ever had.

The second best of my drug experiences

I write a lot about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol, and opioids. For a minute however, I’m going to break stride, and talk about the positives that go along with my second best drug experiences – alcohol. Yup, the same thing that’s been the basis for some of my worst experiences, is also the basis for some of my best. None of this detracts from the overall dangers of alcohol to health, but as with most things, using something in moderation – even when bad for you, is generally not terribly damaging.

Once again, it doesn’t revolve around a specific event or time, but rather, the accumulation of experiences over time. In fact, not only has alcohol been positive for me in terms of having fun, but its ability to calm the nerves has been priceless in so many situations, that sometimes it’s hard to think its bad at all. How many dates have you gotten through sober in life? Sometimes taking the edge off isn’t just useful, its necessary, and alcohol is the king of taking that edge off.

As an uptight person, I’ve at times benefited greatly from lowered inhibitions. Truth is, while this is often touted as a negative of alcohol, and one that leads to bad decisions (it can), it’s also an often invaluable positive for people that have a hard time relaxing. So long as lines aren’t crossed, I actually don’t believe alcohol has to be bad, but I do believe it should be consumed very responsibly, especially in terms of where other people are affected.

best alcohol experiences

I don’t drink much these days, and I don’t promote it much for other people either, mainly because I’ve watched it cause so much damage. But having said that, I’d be lying if I denied that some of my best drug experiences in life, were indeed alcohol fueled.

The third best of my drug experiences

I know a lot of cokeheads in life, but I’ve never been one. In fact, most of the coke I’ve done was pretty low quality, especially outside of the US. I’ve had plenty of nights of what felt like I was tweaking out as I waited to come down, with a jitteriness, and sometimes spasticity, that I assume is caused by something like methamphetamine. The majority of my coke experiences past a point have been like this, but that’s not how it started.

I did cocaine for the first few times in college, and somehow we must have gotten the best of the best stuff. I remember smooth highs, a great feeling of joy, and then an easy come down, followed by a great night of sleep. I’m not much of a sleeper (hence the Ambien story), but I distinctly remember those great nights of sleep, and in my mind, that’s one of the bars for which I personally measure cocaine and its purity. I’m not generally into uppers, but the cocaine high, so long as its not cut, is a really fantastic one.

Cocaine certainly causes problems, but it’s hard to say if it’s as bad as smear campaigns indicate. Much like with synthetic weed and opioids, product is sometimes cut, and this adding of other compounds – for whatever reason – can change the nature of the drug. Cocaine is also often mixed with other drugs, and this is the real culprit. In the US, cocaine was involved in close to 20,000 deaths by 2019-2020 numbers. However the grand majority involve an opioid, making cocaine deaths rather low, but indicating again how dangerous opioids are.

Honorable mention

I did MDMA a few times several years ago, and I do remember it as quite an interesting experience. I probably took less than a standard dose each time, and it’s quite possible that a bigger dose might have gotten a higher place on this list. It’s one I definitely want to do again. For the most part, it just made me feel really good, and I remember having a good time with everyone that night.

I haven’t hallucinated much in life. Apart from Ambien hallucinations, the only other hallucinations I had were on MDMA. I did mushrooms several times when younger, and I remember a good experience, but not a trippy one. Again, it’s quite possible I didn’t take enough for a stronger reaction. Anyway, I did take enough MDMA for some slight hallucinations.

MDMA drug

I remember realizing it when I was looking at a reflection of the inside of my house, in a window at night. All of a sudden, the reflection was doing things that weren’t actually happening. I had always thought before this time that a full hallucination would be scary for me (I might be a bit of a control freak in life), but I found it pleasant, and, well…fun. I watched with great interest as stories took place in the window reflection, and I was happy to watch it all.

MDMA is known for having an intense come-down period, and I found this to be true. For as nice as the experience was, it took a couple days for my brain to even out after. This is something that should be considered by anyone interested in trying MDMA, although it seem to apply to each individual differently.


There are tons of ways to expand your life and try new things. It doesn’t have to be with drugs. But, if it is going to be, take whatever you’re going to take responsibly, and be aware of things that the drug can do, and possible side effects. Some of my best drug experiences in life, allowed me to have some of my overall best experiences in life, and I think this probably goes for many other people as well.

If it seems odd that I just wrote an article talking up positive experiences with drugs like cocaine and Ambien, its best to remember that drugs are drugs, no matter where they come from, or how they’re made. It’s socially acceptable to drink every day, and alcohol is literally the most damaging drug. So I think it’s perfectly fine to talk about any drug or experience, so long as its understood that substances should be taken responsibly.

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