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Where is the Most Expensive Gram of Cannabis in the World?

Written by Joseph Mcqueen

It’s usual to wonder where you can get the cheapest cannabis in the world, but it’s not normal to go out of your way to search for the most expensive. However, knowledge is power. If you’re aware of where cannabis is priced the highest, then you’ll know where to avoid. However, perhaps this weed is worth the price? Perhaps the most expensive gram in the world is so pricey because of its sheer quality. Perhaps you’ll experience the greatest high of your life. Does the price tag match the quality? Let’s see. We’re going to be finding out which country sells the most expensive gram of cannabis and why this is. 

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The price of any service or goods can vary from nation to nation. This is true with televisions, with meals, with accommodation and, of course, with cannabis. However, many people in the west usually believe in the ‘tens’ rule. That is, for ten pounds, euros or dollars, you should be getting around 0.8-1.2 grams of cannabis. Basically, 10 (pounds, euros or dollars) of your currency will get you 1 gram-ish. However, that isn’t how the entire world works. In fact, it’s far from it. There are certain places on Earth that will allow you to purchase cannabis for a gobsmacking amount, both good and bad. But why does this happen? Well, a Yahoo Finance survey found that there were major differences in prices between various countries when it came to certain electrical goods. The article writes:

“According to the research, if a person bought all the items it would cost him or her $1,757 in Tokyo; $1,969 in New York City; $2,012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; $2,450 in Copenhagen; $2,441 in Vienna; $2,540 in Cape Town, South Africa; $2,965 in Reykjavik, Iceland; and $3,387 in Sao Paulo.”

The reasons for a difference in price are multiple. Some argue that poorer countries usually have cheaper goods and services because of the standards of living there, including average wages. However, it’s all relative of course. If you are comparing a country with a strong currency, to a weaker one, then you will usually be able to afford more in the latter. For instance, in India, the price of a room is usually around 5-10 dollars per night. This is a lot cheaper than anywhere in the west. Plus, the Broke Backpacker notes the price of a month’s rent in India being around 100 dollars, which again is far less than the US. He writes:

“Thankfully, the cost of living in India is generally much lower than it is in Europe and North America. If you’re earning a similar income, it will definitely go much further.”

most expensive gram

As you can see, it’s all relative to those living in the specific country. Perhaps someone from India would come over to the west and be horrified by the prices. But, if they were living and working in the US, then they would be being paid more relative to their currency. That is why those who live in poorer countries, but maintain their jobs in richer ones, usually end up living like a god. Date Topics writes:

“Prices of goods and services differ across countries. For example, travellers often find that the price of a product abroad can be very different from the same product back home, when using market currency exchange rate to make comparisons. Typically, prices are lower in poorer countries and higher in richer ones.”

It’s important to mention too that the price of a good or service will also be altered by other factors. These include: costs of production, legal issues and market competition. 

Costs of Production

The costs of production will dictate how much a good or service costs. If it costs $50 to make a pair of sunglasses, then the seller may price them at $100. But if those sunglasses cost $25 to produce, then perhaps they will sell them at $50. Profit is, of course, crucial to any business. But these costs of production also include the price of workers. How much does it cost to pay a worker or workers for them to make it? Minimum wages in nations are usually there to protect people from being exploited in this situation. However, it’s common for big monopoly countries to use overseas workers to do their production in order to take advantage of the cheaper wages.

Legal Issues

Another reason why goods like cannabis may be priced higher or lower is because of the legal issues surrounding them. A free and healthy market will allow for many businesses to produce one item, and therefore the buyer has more options. However, if it is hard and perhaps illegal to produce cannabis, it is likely that the market won’t be as healthy and free. This could lead to less competition, and therefore higher prices. But, ironically, sometimes the dark web and illegal drug markets can be a more competitive market than legal ones. This is because there is less regulation on who can and can’t sell drugs. The illegal market is, without a doubt, booming. 

“Cocaine, heroin and marijuana have become cheaper and stronger over the past two decades, despite increases in drug seizures by authorities fighting the global illegal drug market, a new study found…The global illegal drug industry is estimated to do about $350 billion in business annually, according to recent United Nations’ reports.”

So, with this in mind, it’s hard to guess where the most expensive cannabis gram will come from. Will it come from a country that hasn’t legalized cannabis? Or will it come from one that has? 

The Most Expensive Gram of Cannabis

It isn’t easy to state, with complete accuracy, where the most expensive gram of cannabis comes from. That is because we are comparing black markets with legal markets, as well not taking into account how some strains are more expensive than others. However, we can make a good attempt. It seems that, on average, the most expensive gram of cannabis comes from the United Emirates. 

expensive cannabis

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country in Western Asia and shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. It is believed that the average cost of a gram of cannabis in the UAE is 101 euros. That is about 109 dollars. Can you imagine going up to your dispensary or dealer and paying that much for a gram of weed? This price is based on the black market prices because cannabis is not legal in this country. Cannigma writes:

“Cannabis use of any kind is not tolerated in the UAE. Anyone found to be in possession of weed in Dubai – which includes having it in their system – is liable to face jail time and a hefty fine, while until recently expats faced immediate expulsion from the country.”

On the whole, UAE is not the cheapest of places for western travellers – whether you’re eating, sleeping or wanting to smoke highly illegal cannabis. However, the UAE is not the only county with high cannabis prices. 

Other Nations

Grow Barato writes about a UN Office of Drugs and Crime report that has researched the average price of cannabis around the world. Other than United Arab Emirates, the study also highlights:

“Brunei, where marijuana is still quite expensive but the price drops a bit to 68.293 euro. The third in our top 3 most expensive countries is Japan, where you can get one gram for 63.281 euro. Cyprus is the most expensive European country in which to buy marijuana, with a cost of approximately 36.729 euro per gram.”

As you can see, there does seem to be a correlation here. Japan, Brunei and UAE are all extremely wealthy nations. However, Cyprus would not be considered on the same level as them. Also, none of these countries have very open policies towards cannabis, so the cost of production would also be increased. However, saying that, the USA has also proved to sell some extremely expensive cannabis too. 


Since legalizing cannabis in 18 states in America, the US has begun to dominate the cannabis market. The average price for a gram of cannabis in the USA is $7.69, which is impressively cheap. However, there’s also an alternative world of extremely expensive cannabis strains. In fact, in a Vice Youtube video, the rapper 2 chainz tried a cannabis cigar (cannagar), which sells for around $50,000. There is also an incredible strain of cannabis, known as cannabis caviar, which sells for around $1400 per ounce. Westword writes about this crazy strain:

“This isn’t stuff you are sitting around puffing all day,” says Jake, general manager of the ReLeaf Center, a Denver dispensary that’s selling caviar made in house for $60 a gram. “This is the definition of a one-hitter quitter.”

Whilst the US has a healthy cannabis market, which allows for cheap grams. It also allows for more expensive ones – like cannabis caviar. 


The research seems to show that the most expensive gram of cannabis comes from the United Arab Emirates. It shows that the wealthier countries seem to have the more expensive cannabis, especially if it is also illegal and hard to produce/ sell. However, it’s also important to note that even in nations with booming cannabis markets – like the US, they have also allowed space for expensive cannabis too.

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