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Best CO2 Extracted Delta-8 THC Shatter Products

Written by Sarah Friedman

Cannabis concentrates, like shatter, are becoming more popular, and can be made for compounds like THC, CBD, and even delta-8 THC. What does it mean for a concentrate to be CO2 extracted, and what are the best delta-8 THC shatter products to try?

CO2 extracted delta-8 THC shatter products are growing in popularity, but that’s because delta-8 is growing in popularity. This alternate to delta-9 THC causes less psychoactive effect, less anxiety, and leaves users clear-headed, and with more energy. There are a ton of delta-8, delta 10, THCV and THC-O products to try out, and we’ve got a great selection of deals. So check out the possibilities, and try it out today.

First off, what’s delta-8 THC shatter?

Shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate that goes along with similar concentrates like wax, butter, honeycomb, and resin. What sets shatter apart from the other concentrates, is its texture and consistency. Most of the concentrates are actually made in the same basic way, and it’s the purging process that often defines a difference between the concentrates. There are two main ways to make a concentrate like this using solvents, one is with a hydrocarbon like butane or propane, and one is with carbon dioxide, (although ethanol can be used as well). We’ll get to that soon.

Shatter has a texture that makes it look like glass, with air bubbles throughout, or a sort of air-bubble mesh pattern. Unlike butter and wax, it has a more solid texture, smooth, translucent, and yellow in color. It has the appearance that it could crack or shatter, if hit with a hard object. During the purging process of extractions, the shatter is heated and cooled over an hours-to-days period, which gives it its texture and consistency. At the end of this process, there can be as much as 70-90+% THC or CBD, making shatter extremely strong.

Shatter can be smoked, but it can also be dabbed, which is a kind of vaping that involves a dab rig, or a water bong made for using concentrates. The shatter is placed on a nail which is heated, and the vapor is dragged through a water chamber before being inhaled by the user. Because of its consistency and harder texture than other concentrates, shatter is easier to use in this way, and can be dropped right on the nail, without the use of a dab tool, which is meant for scooping up stickier concentrates.

dab rig

Shatter can also go by the names ‘sap’ and ‘pull’n’snap’, with the former denoting a thinner concentrate, more in line with tree sap, and the latter with a texture and consistency closer to taffy, which can bend. Molecularly, the difference between these different concentrates is associated with how the molecules are aligned, this can be affected by heat or cool being applied during purging, pressure, and how much the concentrate is disturbed in the purging process. Shatter has a neat molecular alignment, with molecules organized into parallel rows.

Shatter is both an extract and a concentrate. It’s an extract because it comes from the cannabis plant, and is made of cannabinoids that have been extracted out of the plant material. And it’s a concentrate because the cannabinoids its made of are isolated out, creating a very concentrated form of a specific cannabinoid, generally THC or CBD.

One of the recent alternatives to standard THC, is delta-8 THC. This half brother to delta-9 is known for causing less anxiety, less psychoactive effect, and offering the same general medical catalogue as delta-9. Shatter can be made high in delta-8 THC, which is preferable for medical or recreational users, that want to have a clearer head and more energy while using cannabis.

Best CO2 Delta-8 shatter products

$29.95 – $269.50 – The company Exhale Wellness puts out its Delta-8 Shatter – Sour Tangie. This lab tested concentrate, that uses broad spectrum hemp oil, has no additives or preservatives, no MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil, Its highly concentrated in delta-8, and is made using a CO2 extraction. This tangy citrus flavor which comes from East Coast Diesel and Tangie, is great for dab rigs and standard vapes. Consumers can subscribe to the site to save an extra 25%!

The company also puts out Delta-8 Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies, (with a sweet and nutty flavor) and Delta-8 Shatter Purple Punch (with a sweet fruit punch flavor). This company ships to all states that allow delta-8 THC.

$29.99 – Another company that makes sure its delta-8 shatter is CO2 extracted, is Agrodine. This company puts out its Delta-8 THC Shatter, which come in 1gram jars, with 45% – 75% potency, and over 96% purity per jar. This shatter is minimally processed, has no GMO materials, and is laboratory tested for your safety. Prospective buyers can choose between the following flavors: Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout, Super Lemon Haze, Grapefruit Haze, and Tangie. The company does say it ships to all 50 states, but prospective buyers should understand the laws for their specific location.

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$35 Yet another company that takes your safety seriously when it comes to making CO2 delta-8 THC shatter, is Top Five Wholesale. This company puts out Delta-8 Shatter (1g) – Mango (Hybrid), with a pungent tropical aroma. This company claims 93% purity, and a 45% – 75% extracted oil. This company sells 1 gram per container, is laboratory certified, and uses safe CO2 extractions. This company ships to all states where delta-8 has not been illegalized, and offers other delta-8 products that interested buyers should check out.

Butane hash oil extractions

Shatter is generally made in one of a few ways. The most standard way is with a hydrocarbon solvent like butane or propane. The solvent is put on the plant material, where it breaks down the trichomes where the cannabinoids are stored, and then binds directly to them. When the solvent is burned off at the end, it leaves behind concentrated cannabinoids. More and more this is done in a closed-loop system, which is a safer way of using such a solvent. In a closed-loop system, the solvent doesn’t have contact with the outside.

In this kind of system, the solvent is added to the cannabis in one place, moved to another where the contents are heated to remove the solvent, then to another tank where the residual butane is purged – with how this is done dictating the consistency of the final product. At the end, the remaining solvent flows back to its original containment, closing the loop. In a home setup, the process often ends when the shatter stops bubbling while being heated, but this can leave residual butane which is toxic, and harmful when inhaled. Pressurized vacuum pumps can be used at this point in a home set-up, to further purge the butane, with heat and pressure as the means of getting rid of the butane.

Concentrates that are made in this way, using butane, are called butane hash oil (BHO). This term is often confused to mean a specific kind of concentrate, but it only actually refers to the method of extraction. Therefore, while shatter is different then butter or honeycomb, if they are made using butane as a solvent, they are all butane hash oil, as well.

In terms of shatter, the concentrate is not agitated during the purge phase, and this allows its molecules to stay more organized. It is dried out over a period of time, using hot and cold to allow the gas to be fully purged.

How a CO2 extraction is different

CO2 extractions are technically preferable because regardless of how much purging, a BHO extract can always have hydrocarbon left in it. With a CO2 extraction, there is no fear of solvent being left behind, which makes for an overall cleaner product. The way it works is that CO2 is pressurized to reach a ‘supercritical’ state. In natural temperature and pressure, CO2 is a gas. When this gas is frozen, it becomes dry ice. When its pressurized and heated to a specific temperature, it stays in a ‘critical’ state somewhere between a liquid and a gas, and having properties of both.

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SALE – Delta 8 Wax Bundle – Coupon: Delta25

This CO2 supercritical liquid is put on the cannabis where it does what butane does. It breaks the trichomes open to release the cannabinoids inside. Once this part is done, the CO2 is simply repressurized to go back to its gaseous state, leaving all the extracted cannabinoids behind. Think of freezing something in ice, and then melting the ice and allowing it to evaporate so that all that’s left is what was trapped in it, with no H2O remaining.

The equipment for CO2 extractions is more intensive and expensive, so home jobs will likely never use something like this. Luckily, with a growing industry, this processing technique becomes more likely for production, since it creates an overall better product, does so without the same risk of explosion, and without the risk of subjecting users to residual hydrocarbons. Since CO2 can’t exist in liquid, or even supercritical form, at standard temperature and pressure, it cannot remain with the concentrate upon re-pressurization.


Shatter is becoming a very popular way of vaping cannabis extracts, and delta-8 is certainly gaining popularity among cannabis smokers. Making sure products are safe by using safe extraction methods is important, and the CO2 delta-8 shatter products listed here use this safer extraction technology, to ensure you have the best product possible.

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