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Cannabis Pizza and Popcorn? What’s The Deal With Cannabis Snacks

cannabis pizza
Written by Alexandra Hicks

As cannabis legalization sweeps across North America like wildfire, innovative startups are creating new and exciting products all the time. Cannabis-infused pizza is the latest idea, and there’s popcorn too.

While you’re stuck in the house on either a voluntary or mandatory isolation, there will probably be a lot of snacking and Netflix binging going on. These days you can find cannabis and CBD in different foods and drinks in states where it’s been legalized.

There’s cannabis coffee, CBD gummy bears, and even plain old water infused with cannabis compounds. The latest innovation, by an Israeli company called Cannibble is really out there, and one wonders if it will take off. As Ziv Turner, co-founder of Cannibble said, according to a From the Grapevine report, “We want to make it accessible.”

He spoke about how Cannibble sees food as a perfect delivery system for cannabis. “We look at the food products only as the delivery system,” he said. And not only is the company working as we speak on some delectable delicacies like THH and CBD-infused pizzas, but they also have plans for donuts and spices. They also intend to launch a range of special cannabis-infused foods for athletes in the near future.

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A Million In Investment

Having raised a cool $1 million from more than 1,000 investors via a crowdfunding campaign, Cannibble got to work with an eye towards the ballooning cannabis markets in Canada and the United States. Cannabis is legal in at least a third of US states. At the same time, the edible cannabis market is expected to be worth around half a billion dollars already.

It’s no wonder that this new cannabis innovation is coming from Israel, a country that’s been at the forefront of cannabis research for medical purposes for decades. Hundreds of farms in the Jewish State grow cannabis for a booming medical market with tens of thousands of Israelis allowed to use cannabis instead of other medications. Israel also recently passed a new bill to enable Israeli exports of cannabis.

As Charles Pollack, director of the Lambert Center for The Study of Medicinal Cannabis said to reporters, “The seriousness with which the Israeli scientific community approaches this is incomparable,” he said. “Israel is a hotbed of quality cannabis research because they have a much more favorable regulatory climate for doing serious scientific research on medical cannabis.”

Is It Legal?

The new cannabis for pizza toppings is a good one, according to many people. However, there are still those who criticize such products, fearful that they appeal to youngsters and teenagers. There are also issues in terms of the FDA’s approval of food and beverages containing cannabis extracts. That’s not to mention the fact that cannabis in alcohol is still forbidden due to that lack of FDA approval.

A little bit of binging, a little bit of snacking, let’s mix in some cannabis too!

As the era of cannabis prohibition ends, and legalization sweeps across the world, it’s natural that many kinks need to be ironed out for things to work correctly. It will take time for authorities and consumers alike to come to terms with the new reality; that cannabis is not such a harmful drug but rather a worthy medicinal aid that helps many people.

Final Thoughts

Many folks suffering from conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and pain are interested in a non-toxic and natural solution for their issue and have no interest in abusing their body with pharmaceutical drugs and then getting addicted. Products like cannabis pizza and popcorn are great delivery systems if they are used responsibly and in the right way.

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Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.