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Buy CBG Isolate Now – Best Price On The Market

cbg isolate
Written by Alexandra Hicks

This week, we have an exclusive B2B offer for anyone who needs CBG isolate. The deal on kilograms of isolate, so if you’re looking for a bulk order, we can certainly accommodate you!

There’s not much to say on this particular products, as the name itself is rather self-explanatory. CBG isolate is the isolated, powder form of cannabigerol, or CBG – a popular cannabinoid that has just recently been exposed for its medicinal potential.

It comes from a GMP certified facility in the United States, so it is available to be shipped with the states and Europe. While most of the market sells CBG isolates for over $10,000/kilo, we have secured the lowest price possible just for our readers, way below 10k! – subscribe below or contact us for more details.

What is CBG?

CBGA was discovered in the 1960s by Israeli Professor, AKA the Father of Cannabis Research, Raphael Mechoulam and one of his partners, Yehiel Gaoni. CBGA is the version of CBG that still has its carboxyl acidy group and can be found in completely raw cannabis plants, prior to being smoked or vaporized (before any heat is applied). It’s one of the most important cannabinoids in existence – CBD is a precursor to all other cannabinoids. It has since been rightfully dubbed, the Mother of All Cannabinoids.

Specifically, CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) is a direct line to three main cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabichromenic acid (CBCA). Once exposed to heat or light in process known as decarboxylation, THCACBDA, and CBCA will shed their carboxyl acid group and become THC, CBD, and CBC, respectively.

When it comes to CBGA though, certain enzymes break it down and it is immediately converted to THCA, CBDA, or CBCA. This is why more THC means less CBG, because of the unique way these compounds interact and are synthesized.

Because of this, plants that do covert to CBG will have their highest cannabigerol content early in the flowering stage. In most cultivars, if left to fully mature, almost all CBG will be converted into other cannabinoids. However, as mentioned above, some hemp strains naturally produce high amounts of CBG rather than CBD or THC.

Using Cannabigerol (CBG) To Destroy Tumors

What is CBG Isolate?

CBG isolate, specifically, is just CBG on its own – separated from any other type of cannabinoids and terpenes. In its final form, it’s a white power that is pure cannabidiol extract.

There  are multiple different methods used to make isolate including supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol-based extractions. Regardless of the method chosen, the plant will be completely stripped of all its components such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, lipids, and other compounds. Then, the CBG is separated from the resulting extraction through a series of chemical washes.

Although many people prefer the entourage effect that comes along with full and broad spectrum products, there are quite a few specific benefits to using isolates – starting with their versatility. Because the CBG extract is in its purest form, it can be mixed into a variety of products, from edibles to topicals and more. It can also be used sublingually.

Another convenience to using CBG isolate is that it’s easy to measure and dose. Because there are no other ingredients to consider, it’s easy for a consumer to quantify the exact amount of CBG they wish to utilize.

New CBG products are coming in 2020

In year 2020, we are going to see many new CBG products coming to the market as the price of CBG isolates is dropping. We expect to see both isolate-based products and high-CBG hemp based products, as the health benefits of CBG are many. Don’t let this new opportunity pass you by, subscribe to the CBD Flowers Business newsletter and start working on your future products today!

How To Get This Deal

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