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Israel at MJBizCon – The First Israeli Delegation Coming to Las Vegas

Written by Alexandra Hicks

The first official Israeli Delegation in the Cannabis Industry is coming to MJBizCon in Vegas this December 11-13.

Israel has been at the forefront of cannabis research for decades, and the country will now be represented at the MJBizCon. As an Israeli-based company, CBD Testers is proud to assist the Israeli Trade Ministry to share information about the companies that will be attending the event.

In total, there will be a total of 9 different companies, ranging from biopharmaceutical development to growers and distributors. The opportunity for 1:1 business meetings is available in the Las Vegas Convention Center on Wednesday December 11th from 10am to 5pm.

Below is a full list of the companies that be making an appearance, click here to download the full catalog.
Click here to download the full catalog – Israel at MJBizCon



Looking to meet (not comprehensive)

Investment info


Turnkey greenhouse projects: design, engineering, and production

Growers, entrepreneurs, associations

Established, not seeking investment


Eco lighting: Advanced horticulture LED systems

Growers, investors

Seed stage, seeking investment


Biopharma development of cannabis-based medicines

Strategic partners ( production, distribution), investors

A round, seeking investment


Medical cannabis and life sciences investment fund

Investors, capital companies

Seeking LPs for VC fund


Holding group of cannabis brands, retail, import, production and equipment supply


Established, not seeking investment


Precision genomics for medical cannabis

Strategic partners (extractors, formulators, retailers), investors

Seed stage, seeking investment


Scientific cannabis potency testing

Growers, manufacturers, distributors, investors

A round, seeking investment


Precision irrigation controllers

Growers, investors

Growth stage, seeking investment


Temperature control and irrigation by condensation technology

Growers, equipment suppliers, investors

Public, looking for investment for US expansion

Why Israel?

Israel is a world leader in the medical cannabis arena. The combination between Israel’s renowned agrotechnology sector and the thriving life science industry, powered by the spirit of the start up nation and accommodating climate, has placed Israel in a unique position. This is backed by more than 50 years of ongoing research and clinical trials, dating back to the 1960s when Prof. Mechoulam first isolated the THC and carried out groundbreaking work on the endocannabinoid system.

The Israeli medicalization process, based on the comprehensive clinical guide, also known as the “Green Book” is a first of its kind. The strictly controlled agricultural and manufacturing processes, together with the medical guideline, promise the patients high quality pharma- grade products suited to their needs. This has led to a tremendous growth in the number of patients and an establishment of a thriving industry.

The first official Israeli delegation is present in the cannabis sector, under the governmental collaboration of The Israel Export Institute, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Economic Mission to the West Coast, and Invest in Israel. The organizations work toward the common goal of promoting Israeli industry through supporting trade and exports, fostering strategic cooperation, and attracting foreign investments. The result is a unique and valuable platform to support innovation and global business connections. We look forward to seeing you at MJBizCon 2019

For questions or to reserve meeting slots, email with your companies of interest and a time window that works.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Alexandra, we are on the other side of the coin, and maybe some day be in competition, but we both want the same thing. and that is bettering the lives of all. We, the Caribou-Chilcotin Hemp Alliance, are planning to introduce a CBD hemp processing facility in Williams Lake, BC, Canada to offer a new industry to the interior of British Columbia and we are desperately in the need of help. Thousands are depending on us to provide jobs lost because because of the wildfires that devastated the forest industry. We suggested growing CBD hemp as an agricultural crop and were instantly overwhelmed with interest and commitment but we are being stymied at every turn. Financially because the financial institutions are more than hesitant in financing what they consider an unproven industry, plus the lack of government involvement. We have the land, very interested unemployed that are are than willing to farm their land. All that we are asking is suggestions on how we can get around this log-jam of political and financial disinterest. Could you advise us as to where we can get the advice that we desperately are in need? Sincerely,Donald E (Gene) Thorsteinson, co-founder of Caribou-Chilcotin Hemp Alliance. Tel 236-422-3352

    • Usually we don’t approve comment such as this one. However, we are trying to help, so hopefully your call will find an answering.

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