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Doorstep CBD Drink Deliveries And CBD Milk

Written by Peter McCusker

Doorstep CBD deliveries are taking off in London in a partnership between drinks company Botanic Labs and Deliveroo.

Within 45 minutes customers can receive orders for individual cans, four-packs, or eight-packs of Botanic Labs’ CBD drink, ‘Dutch Courage’. Each 250ml can of ‘Dutch Courage contains 5mg of full-spectrum CBD, sour cherry, and hibiscus, says the company in a press release.

Botanic Labs was founded by Rebekah Hall in 2018 and she describes CBD as being one of the ‘most talked-about and culturally significant ingredients of all time’.

Organic CBD Milk

Tom Peters, Director of Health at Deliveroo, said that ‘innovation is the core of its business’ as it ‘seeks to look for ways of bringing new, exciting and healthier brands in the food and drink industry to our customers’.

Deliveroo was founded by CEO Will Shu in London in 2013, initially focusing on restaurant deliveries it has since expanded into new product delivery areas. In the U.K. milk has traditionally been the drink that consumers like to have delivered to their doorsteps and a Devon organic fam has now launched its first CBD milk product.

Doorstep CBD Milk?

Healthy food firm Good Hemp says its CBD Barista Seed Milk will be the first  of its milk products to launch and is expected to be on shelves in the next few weeks. The Barista is then expected to be followed by two additional flavors: the Good Hemp CBD Seed Milk, and the Good Hemp CBD Chocolate Seed Milk, reports The Cannabis Exchange website.

Each carton will come with 65mg of CBD, which equates to a 7.5mg dose per serving. David Shaw, Managing Director of Good Hemp, says its hemp milk is a natural paring for CBD, creating ‘a delicious milk which can be consumed by dairy and non-dairy drinkers’ alike.

The addition of CBD to food and beverages is growing rapidly in the U.K as consumers and businesses continue to ride the CBD express. But, as things stand there is no sign, yet ,that the traditional doorstep milkman will be offering a range of CBD drinks and milks anytime soon.

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