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The Recreational CBD Weekly Newsletter: Mainstream CBD Flowers, Truth About the Vape Crisis, CBD Gin, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks

Happy Friday to our valued readers! This week, we’re covering some more details about hemp flower, like how mainstream it’s become and how to use them safely. 

Also, learn the truth about what’s been going on the American vape industry. And if you have a taste for gin, then you’ll definitely want to check out this new new drink in the U.K. All that and more in this week’s Recreational CBD Weekly Review & Newsletter. 


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FEATURED STORY: 7 Signs Smokable Hemp Flower Is Going Mainstream

hemp flower mainstream

As the demand for CBD continues to grow massively, there’s one product that is catching the attention of a wide range of people. Hemp flower is not only proving popular with people interested in the health benefits of CBD, but also recreational cannabis consumers who appreciate its subtle yet relaxing effects. 

In fact, as genetics improve – resulting in higher-quality flower becoming more readily available – ever-increasing numbers of people are quite simply falling in love with hemp flower. And the way things are looking, it’s only going to increase.

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What’s The Safest Way To Consume Hemp Flower?

hemp flower

There’s been a storm recently surrounding the health risks of vaping. Vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) has affected almost hundreds of people and killed at least 7 in the U.S. While it seems that some causes might have been determined, it just shows how careful we all need to be when it comes to putting things inside our bodies.

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U.K.’s CBD Drinks’ Market Shows It’s Got Spirit

muhu gin cbd

Britain’s thirst for gin – and the boom in CBD consumer products – is inevitably leading to the appearance of cannabis in the country’s most popular spirit. Muhu gin has been launched by young entrepreneur Sally Wynter and features CBD imported from Canada.

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The Truth About What’s Going On With The Vape Industry

So far, hundreds of people in the U.S. – mostly between the ages of 18-29 – have been hospitalized and more than a half-dozen are dead as a result of what’s believed to be acute-onset, vaping-related lung disease. But how did this epidemic seemingly happen overnight and what’s being done to remedy the situation?

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