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Canadian and Scottish Firms Team Up To Create Toxin-Free Cannabis

Written by Sophie Smith

As you may already be aware, the medical cannabis that you buy from dispensaries is usually tested for quality assurance before it goes on sale.

As time moves forward, this testing is only becoming more rigorous in the name of our health. CBD Testers has recently reported on how CBD and cannabis products like tainted vape cartridges have landed users in hospital after being contaminated with dangerous ingredients and toxins.

So in a big step forward for cannabis quality control, one Canadian cannabis producer (which isn’t being named at this time) is taking action to ensure that their medical cannabis is even safer to consumer.

They’re taking testing to the next level by checking for potentially dangerous toxins in their cannabis strains. And they’re doing so with the help of one Scottish firm.

The Company Making it Happen

R-Biopharm Rhone is a testing company based in Glasgow, Scotland. On a general day-to-day, they perform clinical diagnostics tests, food & animal feed analysis and also design personalized nutrition care.

However, now the Scottish company have now taken a slight change of course after being approached by the Canadian Cannabis company in question. This cannabis producer has requested testing in order to certify that its products containing Cannabis are free from carcinogenic toxins. For reference, Carcinogens are substances which have the ability to form cancerous cells. For example, we know that cigarette smoke contains a lot of carcinogenic chemicals.

R-Biopharm Rhone product manager Clare Milligan spoke about their new cannabis testing plan with Laboratory News:

“Just like any other ingestible item, strict consumer legislation requires that cannabis products, including oils, cookies and the cannabis plants themselves, should be tested for presence of dangerous toxins.

“While the legality of cannabis products in the UK is currently subject of wide debate, in jurisdictions such as Canada, certain US states, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands where consumption of these products is permitted, testing for toxins remains of great importance.

Canada recently legalized cannabis for recreational purposes in the last year. However, medicinally, cannabis has been legal there since 2001. However in places like the UK, the issue of medical cannabis is an ongoing debate, despite medical cannabis being legalized for approval by specialist doctors in November 2018.

Milligan added, “In the wake of the sale to our Canadian customer we anticipate further demand for our test kits in other regions where consumption of cannabis is legal as well as, perhaps, at some stage in the UK.”

Final Thoughts

We can only hope that this news is the beginning of a bright future for well regulated medical cannabis across the globe. At least for now, the increasingly thorough testing of these products is definitely a positive process when it comes to the health of cannabis patients.

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Sophie Smith is a writer and natural health enthusiast. Founder of a green beauty blog, her knowledge of natural remedies and plant-based cosmetics has lead Sophie to become an advocate for the many benefits of cannabis as an alternative medicine. Her mission is to help combat the stigma associated with 'cannabis' by writing factual content that empowers your CBD choices.