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Is CBD a Viable Treatment for Muscle Pain?

cbd muscle pain
Written by Dr. Brent Wells
Do you suffer from intense muscle pain? Are you looking for a natural solution to help heal it? If so, you might want to consider using CBD oil.

While many sometimes are a bit skeptical toward using this new health treatment, it has undergone many studies which have proven it provides relief for many issues, especially muscle pain. This article will explore more behind what exactly CBD oil is and how it can be used as a muscle pain treatment.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is made is extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. This oil is usually taken from the resin of cannabis flowers which contains trichomes. Trichomes have the highest concentration of cannabinoids. 

Because its main job is to protect the buds of the plant from diseases it’s
high in antibacterial properties which can help human health quite a bit. Unlike other parts of the plant, CBD oil doesn’t contain THC in it which is the main culprit behind hallucinations.

How is CBD Oil Made?

Once the resin from the flowers is taken, it must go through an extraction process (preferrably CO2) which helps to separate the different compounds from each other. Once this extraction is done, it will leave behind a sticky residue which is then usually diluted or mixed with a base, like olive oil. It is then bottled up or mixed into a type of cream.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is legal almost everywhere as long as it’s extracted from hemp plants and not cannabis. This ensures that the levels of THC will be 0.3% or less. Because of it’s popularity and newly found legal status, you’ll find CBD products sold in many different places and can purchase them without fear of breaking some law.



What Causes Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain can be caused by many things. Some of which include:

● Stress
● Tension
● Injuries
● Infections
● Lyme disease
● Arthritis
● Muscle cramps

This pain is usually caused by intense tension in a specific area or severe inflammation. When these things are formed in the body, it can result in pain ranging from mild to severe.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil comes with many different benefits which can help with quite a few health problems such as:

● It can provide anxiety relief.
● It can help with side effects from cancer.
● It can help skin health.
● It works to help protect the brain and keep it healthy.
● It has properties which can encourage your heart to stay healthy.
● It releases tension and helps heal muscle and joint pain.

These are just a few of the many benefits that have been found when using CBD oil. There is still more research being done on the benefits of CBD oil, but so far, many have come to conclude that CBD oil works well to heal many medical side effects and problems.

How it Can Help with Muscle Pain

You’ll find that CBD oil can help significantly with muscle pain. Below are some ways it does.

● It Calms the Nervous System

The cannabinoids from the oil work to help calm the nervous system. This can help to relieve muscle pain which can be increased due to an overworked nervous system. In fact, a study done for the health journal Frontiers in Neurology showed how cannabidiols work to help the mobility
of those suffering with multiple sclerosis. This makes it perfect for those who have painful nerves to use as it will help to eliminate the pain created.

● It Reduces Inflammation

When you have muscle pain it could be caused due to severe inflammation in one part of your body. CBD oil works to calm inflammation down by balancing your body’s endocannabinoid receptor which is what your brain uses to interpret pain.

● It Keeps Your Muscles and Joints Flexible

Because it reduces inflammation in your muscles and joints, it can keep them flexible. This is because it helps them to recover quickly and prevent future strain and pain from causing harm to them. In fact, in the scientific journal Pain, research showed that CBD oil helps to reduce joint
pain when applied topically.

● It Can Help You Sleep Better

When your muscles tense up, it can make it very difficult for you to sleep soundly. However, CBD oil can work as a muscle relaxant which ultimately can help you sleep better. It also works to calm the brain which can encourage you to sleep.

How to Use CBD Oil for Muscles

One of the best ways to use CBD oil for muscles is to use a CBD oil lotion or diluted oil formula and massage it into the painful area. You want to massage it very gently where your muscles are bothering you. By doing it slowly, it will help to awaken the muscles and warm them up so they better absorb the oil. You should re-apply the oil a few times per day to ensure you get the full benefits of it.

If you use CBD oil for your muscles you can usually find directions on the back that indicate how much you should use. It’s important to use this as it will help make sure that you apply the correct amount for your needs.

CBD oil is a very beneficial thing to use for many health issues, especially muscle pain. It works to reduce inflammation and keep your muscles healthy and flexible. For these reasons, it’s perfect as a natural muscle pain treatment. So, if you’re looking for a way to help treat your muscle pain, definitely consider giving CBD oil a try.

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  • Hello Dr Brent
    I think the use of the word ‘hallucinations’, to describe the effect of thc is inaccurate and misleading. Hallucinations are not a normal/regular occurrence or experience with cannabis containing higher amounts of thc.

    You are also incorrect regarding the law in the UK concerning cbd products containing <0.3% thc; in that you say that this amount of thc is legal and therefore permissible. This is incorrect; zero thc is allowed in any product. Only farmers growing hemp are allowed this margin.

    Thank you
    Jannette Jj Clements
    UK Cannabis activist

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