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CBD Industry Growth: The Bubble Will Always Burst

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Written by Tony Ottomanelli

All in all, people are learning more about the advantageous properties belonging to the CBD compound each day. Some could say that the CBD Industry has caused somewhat of an economic paradigm shift in the industrial make-up of markets.

While CBD has remained and simultaneously grown in one industry, it has also  expanded into a few others. Infiltrating any consumer product industrial sector of the marketplace with ease, due to it’s undeniable benefits for therapeutic relief.

Joining the Health & Wellness Family

With so many becoming aware of the healing properties associated with the CBD cannabinoid and the federal legislative decision to allow Industrial Hemp to once-again, be grown on U.S. soil, we have seen a massive expansion of CBD products in all 50 states.

Therefore, it is important to remember that CBD has been given the ability to become independent from the Cannabis Industry. Cannabidiol is most definitely now it’s own industry with a wide array of products.

CBD has not necessarily broken all ties with the Cannabis Industry, however, it is being celebrated as a separate Industry in a global marketplace. CBD extracted from the Hemp plant is being largely accepted as a part of the Wellness Industry.


This is a very crucial feature for CBD to become synonymous with health and wellness products and it certainly becomes a protective layer for the CBD industry to shield itself with, that is, if the time comes when a government agency like the FDA comes knocking with updated regulatory guidelines. 

Legitimately Established Among Giants

All things considered, why would being a part of the Wellness Industry help protect the CBD Industry from arbitrary regulations? Well, the primary factor that could possibly influence why the CBD industry may, in fact, remain untouchable is due to the size and profitability of the Wellness Industry as a whole.

The Global Wellness Institute Study found that the 3.4 Trillion Dollar Industry of Wellness has grown 3 times larger than Big Pharma. This seems impossible, but it’s true and since it is true, it is safe to say CBD is on a path to become very profitable.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to look at how CBD has economically established itself among corporate giants — and it is only getting bigger and better.

The claims and testimonials from the consumers of CBD products seem to be very heartfelt and and consistent, indicated that the benefits are indeed effective for various forms of therapeutic relief. There have also been multiple studies over the years backing their exact sentiments. 

Since this cannabinoid has been proven to be highly effective for a number of physical ailments, the CBD compound has become a modern emerging industrial power with multiple revenue streams — serving as an extension of the Cannabis Industry, the Industrial Hemp Industry, the Vape Industry and the enormous Wellness Industry. 

The Reality Bubble

On the other hand, the CBD market is growing to be oversaturated with so many different brands, it is becoming difficult for consumers to determine which products might work best for them.

Therefore, the industry has grown into an unproportional bubble. The thing is, at some point that bubble will eventually burst. The bubble bursting is basic economics from a capitalist perspective, and all you have to do is a little research on the history of these very same situations.

When that bubble finally does burst, people might assume that this could be a horrible scenario — when in reality, the bursting of the bubble will likely be a blessing in disguise. This is mainly because it will mean the snake oil salesman will get shaken out of the colander and those who remain, will be the brands you know you can trust.

Eventually, any industry that grows this quickly and gets to this size, their bubble is going to burst.

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About the author

Tony Ottomanelli

Tony Ottomanelli II earned a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He is a former NCAA basketball player and high school basketball coach. After teaching Sociology courses at Owens College in Ohio, he decided to help his family open a restaurant in the Denver, Colorado area. Now, as a proud resident of Denver, where the Recreational Cannabis Industry was initially born, Tony has become a Researcher and Published Writer focusing on topics related to Recreational & Medical Cannabis, Hemp-based CBD and the Vape Industry.