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What’s The Best Alternative To Smoking CBD Flowers?

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Written by Steven Bridge

CBD flowers, CBD buds, and hemp flowers are all just different names for the same thing. These ‘flowers’ have garnered a lot of attention in recent years, but are they really the best way to consume CBD?

Just a cursory Google search for “CBD” would make you think that this recently-discovered natural compound is too good to be true and potentially bordering on miraculous. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound that grows inside cannabis and hemp.

Unlike THC, the better-known cannabis compound responsible for all the high and stoned feelings, CBD has no such effects. CBD leaves many people feeling calm, relaxed, pain-free, and in a positive state of mind. It’s used by people who want to benefit from the numerous medicinal and therapeutic of cannabis and hemp but aren’t interested in feeling goofy or “high.”

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CBD is used to treat a wide range of conditions. From anxiety to insomnia and from chronic pain to digestive issues, CBD is a successful natural alternative to addictive and sometimes toxic prescription medications for many people. There are also many different forms of CBD and a variety of delivery systems too.

Smoking CBD Flowers

cbd flowers

CBD flowers are becoming incredibly popular

Smoking CBD flowers is one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD in its most unprocessed form. Much like conventional cannabis, CBD flowers are dried and ground up, ready to be smoked. This can be done in a rolled cigarette, bong, or pipe, and the effects of this method are potent and immediate. When CBD is taken via the lungs, it enters the bloodstream way more rapidly than when it’s processed through the stomach.

However, while it’s not as damaging to the lungs as tobacco, all plant material which is combusted into the lungs has some harmful effects, especially long-term. That’s why many people cough and splutter when smoking CBD flowers as the lungs aren’t so happy about the massive clouds of smoke invading them at high temperatures.

Smoking CBD flowers is also a little crude and “primitive” according to some people, and that’s why many prefer to vape their CBD instead.

Vaping CBD Flowers

In this section, we’re discussing vaporizing raw, dried CBD flowers in a dry herb vaporizer made for the purpose. We are not talking here about extracted, highly-concentrated CBD flower extract in vape juice which we will get to in the next section. For those who are more on the health-conscious side, and want to enjoy their CBD flowers in a tasty and effective way, dry-herb vaping is a great choice.

There are many different options available, including desktop vaporizers, which need a powerpoint, and portable battery-powered vaporizers for use on the go. Various cannabinoids and terpenes have different activation points. They are all within the range of 248-428F, with the activation point for CBD being at 329F.

These herbal vaporizers can be preset to different temperature levels according to your needs. That means that CBD flowers can be vaporized at a lower temperature (taking into account the combined effects of the various other cannabinoids and terpenes) in the morning or for mild dosing. They can also be vaped at a higher temperature for more potent effects.

However, a way of taking highly-concentrated CBD flowers in the most potent, convenient, and cost-effective way us by vaping pure CBD extract in a vape liquid form.

CBD Vape Juice (E-Liquid)

There are several CBD vape juices and vaping pens and devices on the market today, but not all CBD vape is created equal. While CBD flowers in their raw, dried form are effective and potent, they are a little messy, crude and inconvenient.

Vape pens, initially designed for nicotine delivery as a smoking cessation device, are also used to vape CBD. Vaping CBD in a vape pen is far more neat and tidy, convenient, stealthy, and cost-effective than smoking or vaping CBD flowers. Vape pens are a more civilized way of taking CBD and are becoming more and more popular.

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Some CBD vape pens contain reasonable amounts of CBD extract but also carrier liquids known as PG and VG. These food-grade liquids make the CBD vapeable but are also controversial as their long-term effects on the lungs are not known. That’s why we’re excited about PhenoPen; a premium CBD vaping device which gives that little bit extra, but contains no PG, VG, or MCT.

PhenoPen Pure CBD Vape Pen

PhenoPen differs significantly from other similar vape pens on the market for several reasons. Firstly, PhenoPen is a sturdy, well-crafted device which feels great in the palm. It also comes with replaceable, 100% hemp extract cartridges which can be switched out and easily replaced.

The PhenoPen is a great alternative to traditional flowers

But the magic is inside PhenoPen’s proprietary vape juice which contains a unique blend of CBD, other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. There’s also no chemical carrier liquids like PG, VG or MCT in the PhenoPen. They use a unique extraction method to ensure that the carrier liquid for their highly-concentrated CBD blend is 100% pure hemp liquid and nothing else.

Each PhenoPen cartridge contains 0.5ml of E-liquid. However, it’s the CBD concentration inside the cartridge that’s surprising. If you look at an average bottle of CBD vape juice online or at a dispensary, it will usually contain anywhere between 200mg-1000mg of CBD total as a matter of course.

But that’s inside 30-50ml (depending on bottle size) of E-liquid. PhenoPen contains 150mg of CBD inside just 0.5ml of E-liquid. This means that every puff from the PhenoPen is tasty, saturating, and offers instant and potent relief from a variety of issues.

PhenoPen: Alternative to CBD Flowers

PhenoPen estimates that just one of their CBD cartridges is the equivalent of around 1oz (28 grams) of raw CBD flower – and you can get a box of 4 cartridges for $128. Without even doing the math on that one, you can see just how cost-beneficial the PhenoPen option is for those wanting or needing effective relief from their symptoms by using CBD.

When you consider that an ounce of good-quality CBD flower costs around $100 at least, PhenoPen is way cheaper. With PhenoPen, you also benefit from the “entourage effect,” a phenomenon in which CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes work symbiotically together to produce well-rounded and full effects.

At the end of the day, when you consider all the benefits of using a PhenoPen instead of raw flowers – it’s a no brainer. With the PhenoPen, you can enjoy high concentrations of CBD for a decent prices without having to worry about the carcinogens that routinely define the act of smoking. 

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