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The Recreational CBD Weekly Review: New Canadian Products, Choosing the Best Pre-Rolls, Single Strain Oil, and more

recreational cbd weekly
Written by Steven Bridge

In just a few months, nearly 20 new recreational products will be available in Canadian dispensaries. 

Plus, learn how to choose the best CBD flowers and pre-rolled joints, take a look at some different herbs that pair perfectly with hemp flowers, and have you ever heard of single-strain cannabis oil? Keep on reading for all the details. 

How to choose the best pre-rolled CBD joints

pre-rolled joints

A lot of people want to experience the calming and medicinal effects of CBD but don’t want to go through all the extra work of preparing to smoke, ie rolling a joint. Not only can it be time consuming, but if it’s not rolled correctly, it won’t smoke right and you’ll end up wasting your flowers. CBD pre-rolls are an excellent solution for this dilemma. Click here to read the story.

Almost 20 new recreational products coming to Canada

recreational canada

With the expansion of the Canadian cannabis market just around the corner, a slew of different recreational products will be added to the country’s inventory. In addition to dried flower, oil, plants, and seeds which are currently legal, Canada is preparing to legalize cannabis edibles, topicals, and concentrates as well. Click here to read the full story.

How to choose the best CBD flowers

cbd flowers

There are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration when shopping for the best CBD flowers. A few key components in choosing the best product are appearance, aroma and lab results. While there are certain features that are often associated with high quality, a lot of comes down to a matter of personal choice. Click here to read the full story.

Want specific strains? Check out single strain oil from Berkshire CBD

single strain oil

It’s not uncommon for a recreational cannabis user to have very specific strain preferences when it comes to flower, but what about oil? Usually, CBD oil more of a take it or leave it product, but certain companies are tapping into the market of strain-specific CBD oil. If this sounds like a game changer for you, look no further than Berkshire CBD. Click here to read the full story.

Best herbs to smoke or vaporize with hemp flowers

herbs cannabis

Most folks are aware that CBD has many health benefits for some conditions. But some people don’t like smoking or vaping them pure and need a “filler” in the mix to enjoy the experience properly. What are the best herbs to smoke with Hemp flowers? Click here to read the full story. 


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