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5 Things You CAN’T Do With CBD

cbd can't
Written by Tony Ottomanelli

Time and time again, we have seen countless claims about what Cannabidiol can essentially do for human illness and physical ailments.

While it’s true that CBD can be used for many things, some of the claims you’ll hear are highly theoretical or just downright false — nothing but marketing ploys. Let’s take a look at a few things you can’t do with CBD.

1. Cure Baldness

It has been said through consumer testimonials that CBD has the ability to stimulate hair follicles. While some CBD users may indeed have success in treating hair loss by using a topical product, there is a fine line between a cure and a treatment. It also depends on the reason for and the extent of the baldness.

Therefore, as of current, CBD is by no means a proven cure for baldness. Then again, perhaps in the very near future, scientific research will discover a formula containing Cannabidiol that helps treat baldness — leading to a potential cure.

2. Increase Appetite

cbd can't
CBD typically doesn’t increase appetite the way THC does

A number of reports claim that CBD can help consumers by increasing appetite, though typically, THC is the cannabinoid associated with this effect. So, an isolate product will not necessarily increase ones appetite.

You would need to use a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum product that contains higher percentages of THC. Thus, combining tetrahydrocannabinol with cannabidiol could absolutely increase your appetite, whether CBD alone can do that is still up for debate.

3. Cure Erectile Dysfunction

As mentioned previously, there is a fine line between a cure and a treatment. Furthermore, there have been many claims made about what CBD can cure. There have even been claims that it can cure erectile dysfunction, which seems like a bit of stretch — because it is.

Even though Cannabidiol has shown to increase blood flow, to claim this cures erectile dysfunction might be to soon to say. Once again, perhaps researchers may be able to process the proper formula to essentially provide a more natural treatment process for this particular ailment, yet at the moment, it is safe to say Cannabidiol cannot yet be considered as an actual cure.

4. Expect No Side Effects

cbd can't
CBD might have negative interactions with certain medications

While this is true for the most part, no official studies have been carried out on long-term use of the compound so it can’t be said with 100 percent certainty. So far, nothing major has ever been reported – granted that the CBD is good quality. Only the occasional complaint of it making someone feel tired or unfocused, but that’s also related to the dose.

There is however the possibility that CBD can have negative interactions with medications you’re already taking. There also might be individuals whose unique body chemistry simply doesn’t mesh well with cannabinoids. Keep in mind, just because something is natural doesn’t mean there are no side effects to using it – ask anyone who’s ever come in contact with poison ivy or jimsonweed.

5. Solve All of Your Problems

While cannabidiol is indeed a miraculous compound, CBD is not a cure-all for every known disease. A number of new brands use presumptuous claims as ways to market their products. As consumers, we must continue to self-educate and as business owners, we must continue to market responsibly.

CBD can be used as a treatment for several diseases and physical ailments, but we must stress the fact that it is not the be-all end-all solution to every illness under the sun — it is an alternative approach to treating our certain medical conditions in improving overall health.

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Tony Ottomanelli

Tony Ottomanelli II earned a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He is a former NCAA basketball player and high school basketball coach. After teaching Sociology courses at Owens College in Ohio, he decided to help his family open a restaurant in the Denver, Colorado area. Now, as a proud resident of Denver, where the Recreational Cannabis Industry was initially born, Tony has become a Researcher and Published Writer focusing on topics related to Recreational & Medical Cannabis, Hemp-based CBD and the Vape Industry.