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What Are The Best Portable Vaporizers For CBD Flowers?

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Written by Steven Bridge

CBD Flowers – also known as CBD Buds – are an increasingly popular trend that’s being embraced by people from all walks of life. There are also those who, in the pursuit of healthy living, have chosen vaping over smoking and are reaping a lot of benefits.

Vaping is a popular trend that’s been in full flow for a good few years now. CBD Flowers, which look and smell similar to conventional cannabis, can be ground up and smoked in a joint or pipe. However, there are health issues connected with smoking any plant material that combusts into the lungs. This is why vaping is on the rise, however, you need to make sure you use the best possible vaporizer for flowers.

When you vape CBD buds AKA CBD Flowers in a specially designed vaporizer fit for that purpose, there’s no smoke, fire or ash. A small, powerful oven in the device heats your CBD to a preset temperature, and when you inhale, the hot air causes vapor to enter the lungs. This vapor only contains the cannabinoids in your dry herb, and you miss all the carcinogens that are released when combustion takes place.

Brief Overview of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis has been smoked for years across most continents and within most cultures for centuries. Sometimes in religious ceremonies, other times as a medical aid and sometimes just for some good old fashioned rest and relaxation. More recently, with the advent of cannabis legalization in many states in the US, cannabis growers, scientists and enthusiasts have come together to take things to the next level.

These days cannabis is meticulously grown, cross-bred and different compounds are extracted to serve specific needs for different people. CBD is often extracted with solvents or Co2 Extraction and added to anything from soap bars to skin creams; through to vape juices and oil tinctures. But CBD Flowers are getting most of the attention these days, especially for people who have enjoyed cannabis in the past but now want the relaxation without the head high.

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Best Portable Vaporizers for CBD Flowers

Let’s take a quick look at four of the best portable dry-herb vaporizers for CBD Flowers – all of which are readily available online or in vape stores.

Pax 3

vaporizer flowers
Photo courtesy of Pax Facebook

The Pax 3 is a fantastic vaporizer to use for flowers and is the third annotation of the original Pax device. Pax 3 is mainly intended for dry herbs (although there is an option for concentrates) and is based on conduction more than on convection heating. Conduction is a stronger, albeit slightly harsher and less tasty way of vaping your CBD Buds.

On the other hand, convection offers a more mellow experience as it hits the system at lower temps. The Pax 3 is an easy-to-use device that’s both discreet and fits into the top pocket or purse. Minimal cleaning and maintenance are required for this device, and it can be operated simply by a one-button push or via a neat app on your phone.

The Mighty

vaporizor flowers
Photo courtesy of The Mighty Vaporizer Facebook

The Mighty by Storz and Bickel is a German engineered wonder that gets five stars across the board. Intended to be a portable version of the company’s desktop Volcano device, The Mighty may look a little clumsy and awkward, but it packs a punch that keeps aficionados coming back for more.

The Mighty is a convection vaporizer that produces tasty thick clouds of CBD Flower vapor that last for days. The dual 18650 batteries inside ensure this device will last you a full day on the go and can be easily charged in the regular way or with a car charger. The Mighty stands out as an easy to use, cheap to maintain vaporizer that’s backed by a solid warranty and excellent customer service.


vaporizer flowers
Photo courtesy of Dynavap Facebook

The Dynavap Vapcap range is a relatively new addition to the world of vaping. The Dynavap looks and feels like a cross between a cigarette and a small pipe but has a cult following among vapers across the world; and for a good reason. The Dynavap (in most models) has an adjustable bowl, and just the tiniest CBD Bud will give you the relief you need.

It’s also heated by a butane lighter and not a battery and is both stealthy and satisfying. With the Dynavap range vaporizer, you can heat your dry flowers to far higher temperatures than any battery powered device on the market and that makes for huge clouds and well-rounded effects for those who know how to use it. There’s a small learning curve with this one, but once you get it, it’s smooth sailing.

FireFly 2

vaporizer flowers
Photo courtesy of FireFly Facebook

The Firefly 2 is more on the connoisseur side of the vaping world. Its sleek design includes touch-sensitive buttons and a long vapor path made from toughened glass that makes the vapor so smooth, you hardly know you’re vaping. Another advantage of the FF2 is that it’s a “one hit at a time” device and not a session vape.

Both The Mighty and The Pax 3 (and most other similar vape devices on the market) are session vapes. This means that after you switch on the device it heats the oven and you get anywhere between 10-20 puffs before the bowl is cashed. This device is controlled via a Bluetooth app and can be taken to high temperatures for stronger effects when using CBD or other concentrates. If you enjoy the finer things in life and want to taste the different nuances in your CBD Buds, the Firefly 2 is a winner and must-have in your vaping arsenal.

So there you have it. With any of the above mentioned vaporizers, there’s no way you won’t enjoy your next vaping session of vaping CBD flowers. And because of the quality of these devices, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of cannabidiol as well.

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