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Cannabis-Friendly Vacation Rentals Popping Up All Over D.C.

cannabis vacation
Written by Alexandra Hicks
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Just around the corner from Capitol Hill, homeowners are taking “pot tourism” to a whole new level.

In the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., cannabis is legal and homeowners have a lot of autonomy over what they can do with their own personal space. So, what do these two things add up to? A pro-cannabis Bed and Breakfast of course. “In D.C. you can do what you want in your home so why not offer a safe space for people to come consume, visit monuments have a cannabis-friendly vacation,” says homeowner Ayana Everett.

Everett operates A High Escape out of a home on 12th street, where upon check-in, customers get to relax with two “free fat pre-rolls”. Her place is currently advertised on a site called Bud and Breakfast, a lodging and hotel site similar to Airbnb but with cannabis-friendly listings instead. This is a growing trend in D.C. and these types of rental homes are popping up left and right.

cannabis vacation

The living area of D.C. CannaStay

“You come on vacation, you don’t come to get arrested or get a ticket for cannabis consumption,” Everett said. “You’ve come to enjoy. Having that safe space is really the main reason why I wanted to offer my spot out.” Airbnb has no official policy on cannabis, so it’s up to the host whether they allow cannabis or not, however, Bud and Breakfast takes away the stress of guessing and having to ask if it’s allowed.

Like in many states, recreational cannabis use in Washington D.C. can get a bit tricky. It’s illegal to buy or sell cannabis anywhere in the District. Also, it’s legal to smoke buds, but only on private property, which is difficult to come by as a traveler. To curtail this, many of the lodges offers free cannabis in their listings.

Take William Angolia Sr., for example. He owns a rental property called DC CannaStay which has been around for nearly three years. Their Facebook page describes the property as “Washington, DC’s premier cannabis friendly rental with accommodations like no other”. They don’t sell cannabis on-site, but they offer free edibles and samples of various strains for their visitors to enjoy. Angolia calls it “an adventure” for which he charges $420 a night. They are completely booked for the next year.

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