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T.G.I.F. – Thank God it’s Friday Flowers

cbd flower
Written by John King

Well, Friday has finally arrived… Here at the CBD shop that I run, stress is an ordinary part of my job. Phone calls, customers, orders, packing, shipping, cleaning the bathroom… I handle it all.

One of my tasks is choosing which products to order and stock. Today, my anticipated shipment has arrived! It’s Friday, and I’m looking forward to sampling the goodies that I so carefully selected. The clock rolled past 4:20 PM with customers still in the store. Oh well, it’s part of my wonderful job serving the people. Fellow enthusiasts have come and gone all day, as if somehow a telepathic message had gone out that our wonderful stock of CBD flower had arrived! It’s after 6 PM, and I can finally take a well-deserved break. I’ve got my psychedelic 60’s rock playing on the computer, and I’m looking forward to sampling one of my CBD prizes.

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The hard part becomes selecting which delicacy to enjoy! Deciding on a Honolulu Haze Kief Joint to try, I spark it up. Chuckling to myself as riffs of Jimi Hendrix float through my mind, I sing, “Honolulu Haze, all in my brain!” between puffs. Excuse me while I kiss the sky, indeed! I’m no lightweight, I’m a very experienced cannabis enthusiast. But I have to admit I’m floored with the flavor and intensity of each puff. The cone-shaped joint fired up easily and toked really nicely. This kief joint has 450 mg of leafy kiefy CBD goodness. A minute passes, and I can feel all my stress and anxiety from the work day start to melt away like snow on a hot stove.

Gently inhaling, a few more times, I let the joint go out. My lips are starting to feel a bit numb. Minutes later, remembering I didn’t have time today to make lunch, the familiar “munchies” appear, and I wolf down a peanut butter and raisin sandwich. Staving off my appetite for the moment, it’s time for reflection on what I feel from the powerful CBD joint. For one thing, my nagging back and leg pain is GONE, like so much dust in the wind. Being nearly 60 years old, CBD is a Godsend for me. These days I have too much responsibility to be always “high” on THC-included buds. CBD flower treats me just right, a “body buzz”, pain-free, calm and happy.

cbd flower

My muscles are relaxed, the old music sounds great, and again I exclaim, “TGIF! Thank God It’s Flowers!”. I’ve been extolling the virtues of my newfound kief joint to my loyal after-work customers, and they’ve been happy to hear it. Already selling several of my new products today, I’m happy that my friends will share my joy this weekend. Be it nugs, leaf, blunts or kief, this stuff is awesome! That’s all for now, my fellow cannabis connoisseurs!

Peace out and stay smiling!

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