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Peru Medical Cannabis Regulations Announced

Peru medical cannabis regulations
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Fifteen months after legalizing medical cannabis, the Peruvian government is now providing regulatory guidelines for legal medical use and cultivation.

Peru Law 30681 legalized the use of medical cannabis in the country (Peru medical cannabis regulations):, but, as is common when new cannabis laws are passed, there was a lot of legal grey area and no one really knew what was allowed and what wasn’t in terms of use, possession, and cultivation. This week, the country will finally let people know what their boundaries are in this confusing industry.

Understanding Peru Medical Cannabis Regulations

For many years, Peru has been one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America, and until 2014, they maintained and average yearly growth rate of 5.9 percent. However, after a few public scandals, growth has declined, massive infrastructure projects were halted, and the price of natural resources dropped considerably. All this combined has cast a dark shadow over the country’s economy.

Peru has decided to join the Latin American cannabis race

Peru has decided to join the Latin American cannabis race

As natural-resource profits continue to diminish in Peru, cannabis has the potential to raise the economy once more. Seeing that other Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico, are pushing forward, Peru has moved to join the cannabis race.

What does this legislation cover?

Initially, the legislation didn’t provide any information on how medical cannabis would operate and it allowed 15 months for regulatory bodies to draft the full legislation. The new deregulation document is quite extensive and contains provisions for many aspects of the cannabis industry.

Although all the details haven’t yet been made public, the Peruvian Times reports that the legislation contains “guidelines and procedures for research, farming and production limits, importation, and the marketing and sale of medicinal marijuana and its byproducts. It also “outlines the procedures for medical prescriptions, including a registry of patients/users.”

After the new legislation was officially announced, Plena Global Holdings Inc., a horticultural medical cannabis firm based in Canada, released this announcement: “Officials in Peru have been working with . . . Plena Global Holdings Inc. to ensure the country can benefit from an effective transition to a regulated [cannabis] industry . . . The extended period of time between signing of the law legalizing medical cannabis, and the adoption of the regulatory framework . . . ensures a thorough framework for industry operations was established.”

Final thoughts

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