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Tikun Olam, the leading Israeli medical cannabis supplier finally coming to the U.S.

tikun olam
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Since cannabis and all of its extracts and components remain illegal in the United States, this makes for a huge setback when it comes to medical research in America.

However, in Israel, medical cannabis has been legal for over a decade and they lead the world in research methods and legitimate clinical trials, dating all the way back to Raphael Mechoulam’s studies in the 1960s. In recent years, a company known as Tikun Olam has been supplying medical cannabis for over 10 years, and now, they’re ready to bring their well-tested and unique products to the United States.

Tikun Olam's Avi Dekel High-CBD medical cannabis products, in Hebrew. Soon in the U.S.

Tikun Olam’s Avi Dekel High-CBD medical cannabis products, in Hebrew. Soon in the U.S.

Tikun Olam has bred over a dozen cannabis strains which they use to create a line of products including oils, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and edibles. They also have a small assortment of accessories on their website including water pipes, vaporizers, and joint filters. As of now, they have small markets in Delaware, Nevada, Washington, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California.

More About Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam (adapted spelling from Tikkun Olam) gets its name from an important Jewish concept which refers to any activity that improves the world and brings it closer to a harmonious state. The phrase directly translates to “Repair the World”, and this is exactly what they have been doing with their world-class cannabis research. More than 20,000 patients currently use Tikun Olam’s products.

They are a privately owned company that has been operating with a license from the Israel Ministry of Health since 2006. Their genetically unique strains have won multiple awards and are used in clinical trials by many companies throughout Israel. They hold the distinction of having created the “gold-standard” in high-CBD cannabis strains.

Tikun Olam’s Research

Tikun Olam has conducted research on a number of different conditions including cancer, autism, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s, Tourette’s, fibromyalgia, and various motor disorders; just to name a few. Their chief scientist is Professor Zvi Bentwich – a leading HIV/AIDS researcher, board member of Physicians for Human Rights, and one of the first doctors in Israel (and possibly the world) to treat patients with medical cannabis.

“Tikun Olam is among a very small group of companies that is selling a product which is genetically identical to what has been tested,” mentions Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Gardner. “We aren’t saying our products are the only forms of cannabis that can be effective,” he said, ”It’s just that ours have been rigorously studied.”

We here at CBD Testers would like to extend a warm welcome to Tikun Olam, and we’re excited that patients all over the country will be able to use their top-of-the-line, proprietary strains and products.


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