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Maine Implements Ban on CBD Edibles

Maine ban CBD edibles
Written by Alexandra Hicks

First it was California, then Spain and last week it was Austria… now Maine is following suit and implementing a state-wide ban on CBD edibles.

State health officials in Maine have issued memos informing various stores of a newly implemented ban on the sale of CBD edibles. Just like in California, this new law stems from the fact that hemp-derived products are not FDA approved to be used as food additives.

Maine ban CBD edibles making CBD tinctures & softgels illegal!

Maine ban CBD edibles making CBD tinctures & softgels illegal!

Last week, state authorities began informing businesses that they need to remove all food, tinctures, and capsules from their inventory as soon as possible. This new ruling could potentially dismantle Maine’s hemp industry, which has been one of the fastest growing in the nation. Various professionals – including farmers, labs and researchers, and investors – have already put millions of their own dollars into the industry.

So Far, Patients Will NOT Be Affected

Thankfully, this new law isn’t expected to affect medical cannabis patients as it only applies to regular and health food stores that are selling CBD products. Licensed dispensaries can proceed as they have been, and patients are encouraged to either get a medical cannabis card or shop for CBD products online.

This does, however, still inconvenience many patients who might have been buying their products from a non-medical store for the sake of ease. If they don’t live near a dispensary, it may have been simpler to just go to their local vitamin/supplements store and buy whatever they needed. This will no longer be an option for them.

Rally For Business Owner’s Rights

Maine ban cbd edibles. Is this the end of the CBD industry?

Is this the end of the CBD industry?

CBD advocates gathered at the Maine Statehouse on Tuesday for the Rally for CBD and Hemp Farmer Rights. Their concern relates to the unfairness and uncertainty of this new ruling, which they say has “thrust existing retail CBD businesses into a state of unforeseen distress”.

They discussed their thoughts with state representatives and senators. They also held a “meet the press” event and “product show and tell” so CBD entrepreneurs could share their stories and show off their beneficial products. Both lawmakers and state residents attended these events.

As of now, the future of Maine’s CBD industry hangs in the balance. Check back for more updates as the story unfolds. For more on this subject, subscribe to The Medical Cannabis Weekly Report, our weekly newsletter.

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