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Israeli Company Seedo Launches the Ultimate Grow Box

seedo grow box
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Israeli startup company Seedo just launched a fully-automated box that can simplify the cannabis growing process for people with limited time and space.

Seedo – incorporated as Eroll Grow Tech Ltd. – was founded in 2013 and is based in Haifa, Northern Israel. They have already given their investors a 300% return since they completed their merger into the stock exchange six weeks ago. In total, the company is now valued at $32 million. There are already over $5.5 million dollars of early orders on their new grow box.

So far, the first batch of grow boxes have been delivered to customers in California and Seedo plans to expand sales into Africa soon. They’ve hired Jendayi Frazer, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, to lead the expansion.

The Grow Box

The Seedo Grow Box was created to allow people the opportunity to use technology and software for hands-free cannabis growing. According to the company’s CEO, Zohar Levy, “We developed a device that is a kind of box that is placed in the customer’s home and connected to the Internet. The box contains sensors, including a camera that takes pictures of the plant, as well as software, and through which it controls conditions under which the plant grows completely automatically without any intervention from the customer.

seedo grow box

The Seedo Box is about the size of a mini-fridge

“There is no need for pesticides, the computerized management of the tumor saves water, and the tower only has to change from time to time a CO2 balloon, a water filter, an air filter and fertilizers,” he added.

So what exactly comes in the box? It comes equipped with an air filter, pack of two CO2 bottles, two bottles of liquid nitrogen, a growing tray that holds up to 5 plants, water filter, a mobile app for both android and iOS, and a customer support line that you can contact for advice and growing tips. The box was created with cannabis in mind, but it can also be used to grow fruits and veggies, fresh herbs, flowers, and plant clones.

The box costs $2,400 and some of the parts need to be replaced twice a year, costing about $270 per quarter. While that does sound a bit pricey, it would eliminate the cost of buying cannabis from a dispensary where the prices fluctuate and there is the possibility that you’re buying products with pesticides and other contaminants. Each seedling produces 100 grams of dry flowers in 90 days, so if you plan on selling and the quality is good, you should be able to pay back your investment relatively fast.

Future Plans

Aside from a possibly larger cannabis growing box, Seedo will likely be entering the automated, indoor produce sector. “We’re working on another product for growing salad. It will be the size of a refrigerator, divided into cells, each with a special control according to the conditions required for that crop. It will adapt the crop to a family’s needs,” says Levy. “The vegetables for salad can be picked from our refrigerator, instead of buying them. Our vision is that one day, the refrigerator will grow all the food that a home needs by itself, with no intervention.”

Their new vision, and the already available box, are a great way to grow your own organic products even if you have limited space and time. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants to grow cannabis or other produce but they live in a city or an area with poor weather conditions.

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