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Celebrate Bella Product Review – Age Defying CBD Skin Care

celebrate bella
Written by Alexandra Hicks

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a box of CBD skin care products from Celebrate Bella, and let me tell you, every single thing I tried out was truly AMAZING.

Before I get into more details about all the products, let me give you some background information about the company. Celebrate Bella is a company that sells high-end, CBD-infused skin care products for people with sensitive skin who are prone to conditions like eczema and rosacea. Founder Krista Whitley started the company for her daughter, Bella, who herself suffered from eczema causing her to feel self-conscious.

Knowing about the indisputable healing properties of cannabidiol made Krista decide that she wanted to incorporate it into her own line of products, along with some other high-quality, moisturizing ingredients. Her remarkable skin care line was created with her daughter in mind to help people across the globe feel beautiful in their own skin.

Moving forward there’s something you should know about me when reading my reviews… I’m very partial to ingredients. That’s in reference to food and beverages, supplements, hygiene products, etc. I make sure to study every single ingredient in anything that I use and consume and I try to keep everything as simple, safe, and natural as possible.

That being said, let’s take a look at these products from Celebrate Bella.

Crema Elegante

celebrate bella

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The first one I’m going to discuss is the Crèma Elegante, Italian for “elegant cream”, which is an extremely hydrating, multi-purpose cream. It was formulated as a face cream but can actually be used on your whole body if needed, and many people do choose to apply it to their arms and legs to treat eczema and other conditions. It contains a powerful blend of peptides (a type of protein naturally found in the skin), bioactive phospholipids, a yeast extract complex, and of course, hemp-derived CBD oil (250mg per 4oz container). This cream will tighten the skin, create more elasticity, and smooth fine lines for younger looking skin.

I’ve actually been using this product for about 6 months now and it’s done wonders for my naturally dry complexion. Everyone tells me how amazing and refreshed my skin looks and, as I mentioned in my last review, I live in the desert so finding a good moisturizer is definitely a priority out here. This product was actually able to replenish my skin and give it a nice healthy glow without leaving oily residue or that greasy feeling you get from certain products.

Occhi Vivaci

celebrate bella

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Italian for “bright eyes”, this highly absorbent cream really lives up to its name. In addition to 250 mg of CBD oil per ½ oz jar, this product contains a combination of mild, soothing ingredients including marigold extract, which reduces puffiness and dark circles while moisturizing the delicate skin under the eyes.

Ever since I had my son, I’ve had what’s referred to as “the mask of pregnancy”, technically known as melasma. It’s a type of hyperpigmentation that occurs due to hormonal changes (most commonly pregnancy or related to birth control) that causes brown or grey patches to appear on the skin. For me, it’s at the very top of my cheekbones which makes it look like dark circles and they’ve been notoriously stubborn and difficult to get rid of. After 2 weeks of using this eye cream, they’ve become lighter and much easier to cover with makeup. I can’t wait to see how they look after a few more weeks!

Crema da Notta

celebrate bella

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Click here to buy Crema da Notta from Celebrate Bella

This translates to “night cream” in English and it’s an ultra-moisturizing cream that’s supposed to be applied right before bed for overnight protection and hydration. Each 2 oz jar is specially formulated with peptides, bioactive phospholipids, ceramides, and 100mg of CBD oil to reverse the damage our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. It fights signs of aging, evens the skin tone, and it’s non-comedogenic – meaning that it won’t ever clog your pores.

I really can’t say enough good things about this night cream. It’s certainly on track to becoming my new favorite skin care product. I’ve been using it every night for the last couple of weeks after washing my face and I absolutely love how my skin looks and feels in the morning.

Olio Lusso

celebrate bella

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Click here to buy Olio Lusso from Celebrate Bella

Meaning “luxury oil”, this face oil is made of 100% natural ingredients. It comes in a 1 oz dropper container and contains pure plant oils – apricot kernel oil, rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, rose essential oil – and 500mg of hypoallergenic CBD isolate. This oil will regenerate, moisturize, and balance the skin while offering a warm and feminine fragrance that’s free of phthalates and other synthetic chemicals found in manufactured scents.

I honestly have never been very big on skin oils but after using this I’m beginning to change my mind. Although it may sound odd considering the product itself is an oil, it does NOT leave my skin feeling oily or greasy. It’s extremely moisturizing and it works great in the dry, arid climate I live in. I will definitely keep this as part of my skin care regimen.

Side note, I also got a Bomba da Bagno (bath bomb) but haven’t had the opportunity to use that yet. Check back for an update review after I try it out!

Affiliate relationship: Some of the companies listed here have agreed to support CBD Testers by donating a portion of the sales coming from us, for the development and maintenance of our site. Thank you!

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