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Why CBD Hash Is A Game Changer For The European CBD Industry

Written by Ofer Shoshani

June 2018 was a turning point for the European CBD industry with the arrival of a new line of legal CBD hash products. CBD hash is the new frontier of the CBD industry, and now that it’s legal it’s sure to be everywhere.

Unlike in the US which loves their of CBD gummies, in the EU where legalization moves are often blocked, the most popular recreational CBD product is high CBD hemp flowers, AKA ‘legal weed’ and ‘marijuana lite’. This hints at CBD being used in a new way: recreationally. Throughout the continent of Europe, legal weed shops are being established everywhere, and wherever they arrive, people can be found standing in lines to try the newest flower! The fact that CBD flowers are enjoyable to consume (by smoking or vaping), but bring no actual ‘high’ since they have very low levels of THC, makes them a great choice for consumers who want to smoke without getting an intense head buzz.

Mango Kush Jelly Hash

Furthermore, due to the delivery system (smoking or vaping), the therapeutic effects of CBD buds can be felt almost instantaneously. People smoking hemp buds have reported it to be very effective in relaxation, pain relief, anti-anxiety, inflammation reduction etc., sometimes even better than other CBD products. As Dr. Leah Zachar says:

“Vaping CBD gives an immediate reaction and is the quickest way of receiving its benefits.  Therefore, it is ideal for those who suffer from anxiety attacks, short-term stress, & flare-ups of pain.” (Dr. Leah Zachar)

Until recently, the CBD hash products available for consumption were not good enough quality to be considered a true recreational CBD product and were therefore not very popular among users. All of this changed in June when a new line of premium legal hash hit the market, boasting over 20% CBD and a great mix of aroma and therapeutic benefits. Made from the pollen of industrial hemp flowers it carries with it a beautiful terpene profile which is the secret to its success. It can be vaporized, smoked, or used for cooking, and just like with CBD flowers, consumers claim it provides a subtle body-high while keeping the mind clear and calm.

So why is legal CBD hash a game changer for the European CBD industry?

Unlike the US, cannabis is still illegal in most parts of Europe and can come with heavy legal issues for those caught smoking it. There aren’t many legal options for people in France, Greece, Germany or Austria to consume cannabis, and smoking CBD flowers is really the only legal way to do it. Places with a more liberal approach to THC, such as Switzerland (maximum 1% THC allowed) and Italy (maximum 0.6% THC allowed) have seen legal CBD flower sales booming and demand always greater than supply.

The new line of CBD hash is taking this one step further. Due to higher CBD levels (over 20%) and excellent terpene profiles, it creates an enhanced vaping experience. CBD oil is not likely to lose popularity, but with the advent of hemp flowers and CBD hash, customers now have more choices than they ever had before.

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Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.