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Opening a Legal Weed Shop In Europe? This Is What You Need To Know

Diesel Hemp Flower. Vaping high-CBD low THC hemp flowers won't cause you to fail a drug test.
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Under the radar there is a huge ‘Legal Weed’ revolution happening in Europe. All over the continent, from France to Greece, new shops are offering recreational CBD products, and smokable hemp flowers are legally sold everywhere.

If you have decided to capitalize from the legal weed industry, this is what you need to know.

CBD Levels

The leading recreational CBD product in Europe is smokable CBD hemp flowers, which are sold for 10-15 euro/gram depending on CBD percentage and terpene profile. For example, you can currently sell high-CBD flowers (8% and above) for 15 euro, while medium range flowers (5-8% CBD) can earn you 10-12 euro/gram.

Please be aware that not all flowers are good quality! Some are treated and have had their THC levels artificially reduced. Some have forged documents and others are not from the EU list of 68 approved hemp strains. Do your homework and check the goods yourself!


Orange Mamba hemp Flower

THC Levels

Unless you live in Italy, where THC levels are below 0.6%, or Austria and Check Republic where the numbers are 0.3%, or even in Switzerland, where THC can be as high as 1%, you should never have a product with over 0.2% THC. Going over this number will cause your business to change from legal to illegal. This is mostly important for people trying to import cheap CBD flowers from the US, where the allowed THC level stands at 0.3%. Importing from the US is also a problem, due to the limited list of 68 legal hemp strains allowed to be sold.

Legal EU Strains

While it sounds like an error since a plant realistically never stops changing and is slightly different every harvest, the EU is only allowing use of 68 approved EU legal hemp strains. Therefore, your first question should always be “is it a legal strain?” Always ask for the documents to support the claim. Now, documents can be forged, it happens, but insist on it and have the flower ID, it’s the best way to cover your behind. This might be very important if/when regulators take a closer look in the future.

Strawberry Kush hemp flowers

Quality Above All

If it’s got seeds, not trimmed or doesn’t have a great terpene profile, it might not be the flower you want to sell… All CBD hemp flowers are hand trimmed, seedless, and have an amazing, tasty terpene profile. It’s possible to earn well over 200% profit when selling high quality strains, so make sure to buy your stock from the best CBD Flower brokers. Make sure that your product is a high quality one with great product reviews.

Your Show Room

People are going to ask you to try the product. It’s not always allowed, but if you can, find a way to do it. High quality CBD flowers, when vaped or smoked in the right way, give a great first impression and can be the best way of gaining new customers! This is even more important if you decide to expand into terpenes infused CBD isolates. If you yourself have never tried this before, check it out for yourself, this is the third product in line, right after CBD flowers and legal hash.

CBD Hash

Yes, CBD hash is legal and it’s very good! Some of the products we review and sell are just mind blowing and this is your second product in line after hemp flowers. The profit here might make you 300% ROI! The best in the industry. If you make sure to have the best products, you’ll always have a line around the corner at your shop.

Amnesia Jelly legal CBD Hash

‘Out Of Stock’ issues

Once you get your shop up and running, you’ll have to deal with getting supply on time. If you go and look around (offline and online shops), you’ll see that the ‘out of stock’ sign is everywhere. The word here is: preparation. Understand that there might not always be enough supply to satisfy demand, and make sure that you keep your stock levels up. The best way to keep customers from going elsewhere is to make sure you always have what they want. Keep up on the markets, prices, distributors, harvest times, and popular products. And make sure you never have to tell your clientele that you are ‘out of stock.’

The Legal Weed revolution is happening NOW and everyday we are getting requests from shop owners looking for product recommendations. The window of opportunity is open and ready, but there’s a lot of competition so best to get in there quick. Contact us and we’ll assist you in finding the best recreational CBD products for your legal weed shop.

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Ofer Shoshani

Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.