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Is Your Legal Hemp Actually Legal? Are You Selling Fake CBD Flowers?

CA made hemp-derived CBD oil illegal
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Have you verified your CBD hemp flowers?

While many European shop owners are rushing into the legal weed business, they often fail to verify that the hemp flowers sold in their shops are legal…

That’s right, having the THC levels under the legal minimum of 0.2% (in most of the EU, look here for detailed regulations for CBD products in Europe) is not enough in order to sell CBD flowers legally in your shop, you should also verify that it comes from one of the legal registered 68 EU hemp strains (see below) and that it’s not a fake CBD Bud

Failing to verify your supply will result in breaking the law, even without knowing it, and making your business illegal… Again, this is YOUR responsibility, as the seller, to verify the authentication of your goods.

Not that you’re in any immediate danger since most authorities are still struggling to understand the limitations of the existing laws, making fighting fake flowers not their biggest concern. However, given the fact that CBD hemp flowers are still promoted as ‘legal weed‘ in Europe, and that many regulators still oppose it, once they figure out a way to effectively go after anyone potentially breaking the law, they will likely hit hard. Even as we speak, the police are still confiscating goods for inspection, just to return them later when everything is found to be legit.

Unfortunately, there’s a big chance your flowers are either illegal or fake…

So, what can you do? How can you verify that the flowers you are selling with over 200% profit are both legal and not fake?

Orange Mamba hemp Flower

What Are Illegal Hemp Flowers?

The EU regulations require that your hemp flowers should come from a legal EU hemp strain. Plus, the 0.2% THC limitation (already well known), is not the only one. The genetic origin of the plant is also important. Stupid as it might sound since a plant is a living creature that is always changing, there is actually a list of approved hemp strains (see below) which you must use, simple as that.

Your first step should be contacting us to ask for our list of available premium hemp flowers. We will verify that the flowers you are about to spend money on are legit. Don’t be confused with the commercial name of the strain, those are just made up names. The important document is the certification of the flowers that verifies the legality of the strain.

What Are Fake CBD Hemp Flowers?

The top two ways to fake a flower is by changing its genetic origin, or by artificially altering CBD/THC levels.

Let’s begin with the documents. Did you receive a good enough document? Is your flower one of the approved 68 hemp strains? Most likely in a surface check you’ll be able to see the difference, so take care of it and verify your papers. If things turn south and you’re found selling illegal EU flowers, you’ll need a legal document to prove that you are not to blame. I should make this clear, I am not a lawyer. If you have any further questions about legalities you should consult a lawyer on the matter. Whatever action you take, it’s your responsibility to have your own store in order, so please sell only legal hemp flowers like the ones we have verified!

The second common way to fake a flower is by artificially changing the CBD:THC ratio. Without going into details, there are known ways to do this, and you should be aware of it. The result is a flower with altered CBD:THC levels and usually a different terpene profile. Since the flower’s terpenes are in many cases what makes the difference between good strains and not-as-good strains, you should pay attention to this and test everything carefully.

Contact us to learn about the availability of quality CBD Flowers in your country and never waste your money on a fake flower.

List of Legal EU Hemp Strains


Click here for the complete list of verified EU hemp flowers.

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  • I think that you got it wrong. EU catalogue gives information about certification and marketing of the seeds – strains. If you are right, it would mean that I can start a grow but meanwhile, then ban it and when I harvest it I wouldn’t be able to sell it. In a fact I would end up with something illegal, right?

    • I wouldn’t be worried from that problem, as your harvest cycle is short and regulatory changes takes time. However, you should always do your home-work. Great comment by the way, thanks!

      • In fact, if you need help in sourcing the right flowers or seeds, talk to us, we can help you find you the right products / seeds, as we know suppliers in almost all countries.

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