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Is It Legal To Smoke Hemp Flowers In Public?

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Written by Corre Addam

For people who count on CBD to give them relief, laws against smoking hemp flowers in public can be an issue

If you’re a medical cannabis patient or you smoke hemp regularly to give you relief, you’ll know the problems associated with lighting up in public. And it’s not just smoking hemp cigarettes that you have to worry about, as many patients also vaporize hemp flowers to treat their various medical conditions.

Seeing as CBD is legal in all 50 states (so long as it comes from hemp), and medical cannabis is legal in most of the US, led by California and Colorado, not to mention most of Canada, you’d think it would be accepted practice for someone to take their medicine when and where they want to. But that’s not the case, as decades of prohibition and taboos surrounding cannabis have made most people paranoid, many laws are still in effect limiting CBD and medicinal marijuana use in public places.

Sadly, most states in America, while they differ in some ways, share one thing in common; smoking cannabis in public is forbidden. Since hemp flowers and cannabis look, smell, and taste almost the same, most of the people near you will not be able to differentiate. While Colorado passed legislation permitting private venues to allow smoking in separated spaces, with a permit, that’s not the same for other states or provinces.


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In Canada, laws surrounding public cannabis consumption can be equated to the attitude and laws there regarding cigarette smoking. But the major difference is that cigarettes are dangerous and damaging to health, while vaping cannabis, or hemp, according to many experts, might actually be healthy for those who need it.

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While smoking cannabis in public is a no no, the police in most places won’t do much to enforce the law, unless of course people are hanging out in a kids park getting high

If, as a patient, you are at a loss as to how to take your medicine in public, you might want to consider taking the medicine in its oil, topical, edible or liquid form. That way, there is little to no paranoia for the patient when taking their medicine.

If you have no choice but to smoke or vaporize your medicine in a public setting. it’s well worth sticking to a couple of logical principles to stay safe and out of jail.

Firstly, if you do need to medicate publicly, do it in a stealthy and not so obvious way. Stand to the side of the venue you are at, and don’t go there with 6 of your buddies making a ruckus and giggling a bunch.

Secondly, if you don’t want a dense, stinky cannabis cloud following you around, consider a vape pen, which contains highly concentrated cannabis extract, which has some strong effects for most.

If you are a medical cannabis patient, we advise that you don’t smoke and drive. If your car smells of cannabis and you are pulled over by the cops, you have nowhere to run or hide. So if you are going for a drive somewhere, medicate before you start the journey, and keep your car clean!

Whatever you do, until attitudes to cannabis change significantly, you’ll have to be careful when smoking in public. Hopefully that will change soon.

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  • This is frustrating me— I understand there are laws against public consumption *in states that have medi/rec*. But in my state I know of no law forbidding the smoking of *anything*. Possession of THC is what’s illegal. But I believe hemp buds with trace amounts are not illegal to possess since they’re sold in stores here, presumably legally.

    So if there’s no law against possession and no law against smoking, wouldn’t CBD/Delta8 be legal to smoke in public in such a state? All the articles about smoking CBD/Delta8 focus on states where marijuana is legal in some form. Frustrating…

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