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CBD Side Effects: How Bad Can They Be?

Written by Corre Addam

Fortunately for CBD users and those interested to learn more about it, this post about CBD side effects isn’t going to be very long at all. It doesn’t need to be…

Even though this writer enjoys babbling endlessly on most occasions when his fingers are in the vicinity of a keyboard, this is not one such occasion. That’s because, despite the ever so slightly baiting title, CBD really doesn’t have any side effects at all, to report. Then again, you might as well read to the end of the article… just to be sure.

CBD is one compound in the cannabis plant and in hemp which is doing amazing things for a lot of people. From pain relief to good quality sleep, anti-anxiety and so much more, CBD is 100% natural and, according to many is “as good” as some prescription medication.

To get technical and a little boring for just a sec, I am quoting our in-house Doctor, Dr Leah Zachar, who spoke about CBD side effects, “If you are taking sublingual CBD, there is a rare side effect of “cotton mouth”, which produces the symptom of thirst. The dry mouth sensation is caused by the decreased salivary production that occurs when sublingual CBD is used.”

Yup, you read it here first people, CBD could give you cotton mouth causing you to need to go get a glass of water. Apart from that? When asked if CBD is safe, Dr Zachar responded:

“CBD is safe. There are no untoward effects when taken in excess. Doses of 4,000-mg a day have been taken safely. There is no dose that is toxic. CBD functions very much like a vitamin. When you take too many “One-a-day” vitamins, your body uses what it needs, and you urinate out the rest.”

And that’s about it folks – other than these minor irritations, there appear to be no bad CBD side effects which have been widely reported. If you personally know of any, or know anyone who had some, please feel free to share your comments in the feed below.


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