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Guess What 14 Percent Of Americans Use To Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

Written by Corre Addam

It might not be what you are expecting, but then again you don’t need to be a genius to hazard a wild guess. Oh, and by the way, it’s 100% natural and non-addictive…

A recent survey, carried out by Sleep Cycle, an alarm clock app startup, taking cannabis can help restore your natural sleep cycle, leaving you refreshed and ready to face your day every time you wake up.

The survey found that at least 14 percent of American adults use medical cannabis, either in flower form or in edible form, to help them get a good night’s sleep. The study looked at the sleeping habits of 1,004 US adults, while many surveyed also used things like herbal tea and melatonin to help them sleep.

Interestingly, only 9 percent of the participants said they used prescribed meds from their doctor, such as benzos and Xanax. At the same time, many of the respondents said they often used alcohol and even soup to help them sleep, and that’s not to mention hot cocoa, of course.

Sleeplessness and insomnia is no joke in America, especially if you consider that, according to the ASA (American Sleep Association) somewhere between 50 to 70 million Americans find it hard to get to sleep at night, and to stay asleep. Nearly 40 percent of those in their 20s have some sort of sleep issue, and get way less than the recommended 8 hours a night.

In a separate review, CBD was found to be great as a sleep aid, and preferable for many to THC. The same study found that CBD can also help people who find themselves nodding off during the day. However, that study also suggested that THC could have a detrimental effect on sleep patterns, long-term, in some users.

What is for sure is that CBD and THC are a lot safer than benzos and many other sleep medications prescribed by doctors, daily, in the millions. So if medical cannabis helps you to get the sleep you need, it’s worth sticking with it, and according to many, not getting hooked on sleeping pills.

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