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Legal CBD Hash Has Come To Europe

Written by Jack Woodhouse

Due to the many health benefits of CBD, demand for products containing the non-psychotropic cannabinoid is growing rapidly.

This has seen the industry come out with more and more novel products with CBD in them- everything from toothpaste and soap to gummy bears and water.

One of the newest and most popular CBD products on the market has become dried, raw hemp flowers. Along with the growth in producers offering various strains of CBD-rich hemp flowers, a derivative product has appeared – CBD hash.

What is CBD hash?

CBD hash is just like regular hash, only it doesn’t have the same intoxicating, mind-altering effects. It is made from the pollen of industrial hemp flowers that have hardly any THC, as stipulated by law (0.3% in the U.S and 0.2% in most European countries).

It can be vaporized, smoked or cooked with, and consumers claim it provides a subtle body-high while keeping your mind clear and calm.

Where to buy CBD hash?

The biggest producer of legal CBD hash is a Swiss company called Kannaswiss. They are pioneers in the CBD industry in Switzerland and operate a facility that grows 6,000 high-CBD, low-THC hemp plants at a time. Each annual harvest produces about 1 ton of leaves and buds, some of which is processed to create ‘briquettes’ of hash in various weights and strengths.

Plant-Of-Life Amnesia CBD Hash

Kannaswiss’ CBD hash is available in many cannabis and hemp shops throughout Europe. In the UK, there are also a few sources of CBD hash, including, who sell what they call ‘Nepal Cream Hash’ with 22% CBD for £20 per gram. Its actual origin has not been confirmed, however.

While there are few more companies selling CBD hash online, the product is still pretty obscure. There is no doubt this will change over the coming months, however, as demand for CBD hemp flowers increases. The hemp flower market is rapidly growing in Europe and the U.S. and, therefore, more and more producers will soon recognize the potential market CBD hash.

(Image credit: HempElf)

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