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What You Need To Know About CBD Hash

Written by Jack Woodhouse

There is currently much attention on CBD. The non-intoxicating cannabis compound is being hailed for its vast therapeutic value. It’s also legal throughout the world, making it one of the most widely accessible cannabis-derived substances.

With this growing exposure and demand comes a variety of new CBD-containing products. We already have oils, vape juices, and even CBD-rich hemp buds, or CBD flowers. Following in this vein, we now see a new product creeping onto the market. CBD hash.


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What is CBD ‘hash’?

Sour Diesel Jelly CBD Hash

Sour Diesel Jelly CBD Hash

Just like regular hash (hashish), CBD hash consists of the resin from cannabis plants. The resin is basically the essential oils (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) of the plant, which are contained in the trichomes of female cannabis plants. The resulting powder-like substance is then pressed into solid bricks.

While regular hash will contain high levels of THC – the cannabis compound that gets you ‘high’ – CBD hash is gathered from hemp plants with little to no THC.

How do you use CBD ‘hash’?

CBD hash is versatile and can be used in a number of ways. It can be crumbled and smoked in a joint or pipe, vaporized, or cooked with and eaten. If you choose to cook with CBD hash, you will first need to decarboxylate it. You can do this by heating it in the oven at 230-240° F for 60 minutes.

Is CBD hash legal?

When it is made from industrial hemp strains of cannabis grown under licence, then yes CBD ‘hash’ is completely legal. This is because hemp is legal to cultivate under the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015.

It is currently being legally sold in a number countries around the world, most notably in Europe. One Swiss CBD company called KannaSwiss is producing CBD hash with CBD levels ranging from 10% to 60%. One of the best CBD hash products is the Nepal Cream known for its delicious flavor. This organic, non-GMO product, has a very high CBD content (22%) and THC under 0.2%. 

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People love CBD hemp flowers for their close-to-natural state and unique taste. CBD ‘hash’ is sure to also be in high demand. It is possible that it may even be the next hot CBD product in this newly-established and rapidly-growing market.

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  • I curious to know does “CBD Hash” also cure chronic pains as the other medical marijuana/CBD products do or these are only for people who want to try marijuana but don’t want to consume in the long run or.

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